Hmmm. Me’s thinkin’.

April 14, 2008

But this theme won’t let me have pages?    My heart almost stopped (like this is anything reaaalllly important.  roll eyes, jeez…) but my pages are still there, accessible from my Dashboard -> Manage!  yippee!  

I am also realizing that whatever theme I land on, then these posts won’t make sense.    All I know is I’m going to have to go to support and ask about this linking and I’m dreading it…

Just consider this blogging out loud to myself.



  1. I came to tell you that I finally managed to link something. I never understood before.
    You probably already knew this but here are the instructions I found.

    Put the text into the editor, highlight it and then click the link icon in the tool bar and then enter the link URL.

    If you are doing it in HTML go here to learn to make links in HTML: http://faq.wordpress.com/2007/07/01/how-to-write-links/

    Looking forward to seeing your site when it all comes together. 🙂

  2. That’s just it. It doesn’t work. It used to work, but now the utility just ignores me… and the linking by typing in the string? I’m still trying that – I seem to have a character missing and I can’t figure it out. I was thinking it was a security issue but why did it used to work and now not? so must be the new WP changes… sigh. THANKS so much and I’m glad it’s working for you! 🙂

  3. 🙂 I blame this on the aggressive energies of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction. LOL

    Thank you for your patience. I will have something for you by tomorrow EOD..I needed to take a little breather and clear my energy field after 5-6 readings and a bunch of life stuff.

    ((( C ))) Now have fun experimenting!

  4. Thanks Grace!!

  5. You can add a page widget to the sidebar. It will display all your pages.

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