Photo Friday: ART

April 11, 2008



well…   I’ve been attempting to upload a bigger image or just one of the blocks but alas, not gonna happen.   And my linking?  I know you’re tired of reading about that…  


Other participants of this FUN activity:    please visit them!










  1. I love it! Now I’m even more puzzled as to why the owner of the restaurant didn’t want a copy.

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  4. That is a great photograph. Some people don’t see art when it stares them in the face. If I owned that restaurant I would snap that up as a bargain at any price. You made me remember to bring my camera with me today when I go to the chiropractor. You never know what you will see but I usually forget it at home. I saw a turkey yesterday walking down the middle of the road around the corner from my house. That’s something you don’t see to often around here. If I had my camera with me you all would be seeing it.

    Thanks Joan! Yes, I often think I should carry my camera with me ALL the time! Turkeys are so funky when you see them, aren’t they? Have a good part-ay!

  5. I like it too and wonder why the owner wouldn’t want it!

    It has found a good home on Photo Friday, though! 🙂

  6. I am so enjoying this photo sharing….everyone has a different eye…I would never have thought to take this but I absolutely love it! Yes, never leave home without some kind of camera, I have even had to go buy a throw away just so I could take a photo and not miss an opportunity! Hey, it works!

  7. What a lovely way to show this really cool photo.

    That restaurant owner needs new eyeballs or something.


  8. I love the photos..they have a mood to them! Now you have them for your portfolio!

    I still am trying to figure out the linking too. So far no luck.

    If and when I do I will tell you! 🙂

  9. I like that Warhol style a lot! And the symmetry 😀 Nice job C! Nice with the Photoshop- fun isn’t it? Problem is knowing when to stop sometimes- for me anyway. End up with a whole pile of files.

    It is kinda surprising the restaurant lady was not interested, but I wouldn’t let that bother you. Just keep making nice pictures. Selling photography is not easy.

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