Setup For Friday

April 9, 2008

The upcoming Friday Photo theme will be Photographic Art.    I want to provide an introduction to what I will post on Friday so that day’s post will be simple.

Awhile ago, I came to the conclusion that I have some deep-seated heretofore unexamined and troublesome philosophies about money.    The problem was exasperated by not knowing how to investigate this dark section of my psyche in order to ‘solve’.    

An unexamined life is not worth living.    Socrates

Shunning the concept of professional help via the mental health route, I decided a prosperity coach would be more financially acceptable – I could then write off the cost of this from my taxes as a business expense since I was self-employed.  BRILLIANT!

Perhaps harboring suspicious thoughts on ‘psychiatrics’ is not so healthy, either.  Oh well.    I once had a doctor – family practice, I believe – who told me it is NOT a good idea to get any kind of notes on your medical files concerning depression, etc.    Interesting, huh?    I don’t mean any offense to anyone on this issue, I just have not been brave enough to consider it for myself due to that stupid stigma crap.   And cost / insurance issues.      Having known a few life coaches, I have bought into the idea that counselors never ‘fix’ anything and coaches get you moving and growing and … etc.    Anyway…  

The point of this post is my experience with my prosperity coach and how that relates to Friday’s Photographic Art.

We chatted about fun things I like to do and how I could possibly turn these activities into money-making ones.   We discussed my love of snapping pictures – mostly flowers, architecture, and/or whatever catches my fancy.    I often make my own greeting cards but do not get terribly elaborate or creative.  (for example, I don’t have Photoshop…  why?  don’t know – haven’t gotten around to it…)   This does not mean that I don’t get compliments and encouragement from friends about how ‘amazingly creative’ I am.   I eat it up.

And then one day, I’m sitting in a restaurant when the sunlight steaming through the window casts a shadow on the wall that catches my eye.    I whip out my camera and snap a picture.

I go home and play with the photo manipulation software that I do have and I print off a composite of ‘effects’, print on photo paper and frame it for my friend that was with me for lunch that day.

“OH!  OH!   OH!    You must SELL this to the restaurant!    They would buy it, I’m sure!!”,   says the friend.

My prosperity coach agrees.   This is a good idea.   It will FORCE me to confront my unwillingness to appreciate my talents and assign monetary value to these talents.    It will make me face the concept of money as it relates to WORTH.    I must consider the exchange of my talents given to the universe and be willing to receive DOLLARS as reward.

So, off I go to pitch the ‘art’ to the restaurant…

Part 1 of 2 or 3.    We’ll see.



  1. I make my own greeting cards too!!! I hate buying them because I figure why not make one that SAYS what I want it to and looks really cute too 🙂 Plus I love arts & crafts and need an outlet, haha. Good luck with the restaurant!

  2. I used to do my own cards until my computer crashed and now I have to use the Wasband’s which is so slow I can cook a whole meal while it changes pages. It only has 256MB of Ram and he has (and I am not kidding) about 10,000 bird photos on it. So I have persuaded him to buy more RAM but I have to figure out what kind and where to get it.

    I do see a therapist but she is great and is sort of like my life coach.

  3. I make (and sometimes sell) my own greetings catds too. I’m thrilled you’re doing this much effort for Photo Friday – I can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  4. You have a prosperity coach? You should do a post about that!

    Oh GOODNESS! I don’t know… past tense. I HAD a coach… (I ran out of money… ha!!)

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