Just Playin’

April 8, 2008

♥ = heart


what is span? [“Hey C? WHAT YA DOin’???” “Oh, I’m going back and forth trying to figure out HTML…]

👿  is the devil

🙂  smiley face?




and attempt to see if the link chain button is function to me… 

I highlight a word, right… and then click on the chain-link button, which opens this: 

        smaller dialog box with rectangle boxes to enter the URL, the Target (either new window or same window) and space to add a title.

Then there are 2 buttons:  one for cancel and one for Insert.    So I fill in the Link URL to be:   http://blahblahetc… and I set the Target to be New Window, and I leave the Title blank.   Hit insert. 

NOTHING HAPPENS.   Well, not accurate.   What I entered goes away; the insert/edit dialog box clears…

So nope.   no linkie 

Off to the Forums, I guess.





  1. Hey, did you read about Project Runway?

    THANK YOU Wendy! For sharing this interesting tidbit about the power of the Weinstein AND for sharing the tip on this crazy linking nonsense. Sorry I seem to have gone comment-crazy on your blog…

    BTW, I can’t get the linking button to work now that the Dashboard was ‘updated’? But – now, here’s where it gets a little Twilight Zone: I can use the link button on my other blog. so maybe it’s my template. I thought it was a security thing. I’m done for the day. Talk at ya t’moro. And I loved your Army-Of-One-Pink-Sparkly-Lizard-Fashion-Extravaganza!

  2. I feel your pain. I am having some difficulties on the widget page. Things are overlapped and on top of each other. Support could not correct it. :O
    Apparently, there are some bugs to work out on the update.

    I am thinking of getting a Mac but not sure about wordpress on it. I am not savvy at this…always winging it. 🙂 Do you know anything about that?

    No, Dear, I don’t have much advice to offer on all this tech stuff. I wish I were more savvy, too but it hasn’t made my top 10 list of must-dos! yet!? Good luck with your issues – I hope you can still upload images and share. You are SO very talented!

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