Is Today Monday?

April 7, 2008

Romi inspired this!  [Again.   Ahem, STILL…  I can’t get the linking to work.    Romi’s post on the broaches/brooches: http://romi41.wordpress.com/2008/04/06/improving-the-odds-for-love/ ]  I here now show off the true source of my powers, my feminine wiles, that allows me to charm my dear husband to cook for me…    Ta da!   My fish BROOCH.    (weird word, that, certainly doesn’t sound pretty enough to be jewelry, does it?   Maybe only the gems get the pretty words…  say them with me:  Diamonds, and sapphires, and rubies, OH MY!)

This precious brooch was a gift from my wonderful mother-in-law.    I had spied it at an antique shop and then while I was off looking at something else, she snuck in and purchased it!   Wrapped it up and gave it to me for Xmas probably 8 months later.     She must have blessed it with her powers as a woman…   LOVE HER.

ANYWAY, I also apologize to the internet for attempting to give anyone a spelling lesson on this.    APPARENTLY broach and brooch or interchangeable.   (What.  Ever.)    In fact, there are other fun definitions to this word.   Enjoy and lookie here if you want to see all sorts of morass on the issue:  http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rls=com.microsoft:en-US&defl=en&q=define:broach&sa=X&oi=glossary_definition&ct=title


Then, JoanHarvest (of Whatever I Think fame) inspired me to snap a few pictures of my bookcase.   I think she was starting a meme of some sort and this is what I remember…

  This shelf mostly holds all my greeting card crap and empty folders and notebooks and other stuff I don’t know where else to put.    I have a goal to organize it.   I love to organize!   I am just not too fond of using any systems to KEEP things organized.    Because I’m a pile-creator.   Or a throw-it-on-a-shelf-til-someday-when-I-organize-it-or.

Monday, Monday.   So good to me.   Monday, Monday, it’s all I hoped it could be…

Top of My PC Cabinet  This is where I stack my books;  it’s the top of my computer cabinet.      Which reminds me, I have 2 books due at the library…

Regarding music, I am a lover of lots of great stuff!   But I don’t buy much, can never remember the artist, etc.   Guess, that means I’m really not like a true music fan…   I don’t have an ipod, I hit random buttons for the car radio, keep forgetting to load my car’s CD changer since last September, mostly work around my house in silence and ….   When I DO remember to hit play on my CD player in the house, I listen to a complilation from an internet friend who was extremely awesome to send me.    The last few CDs I bought were Dierks Bently and Pink.    The last concert I went to?   Besides the RockABilly convention in Vegas a couple of years ago?   Jeff Healy, I think.    I’m so bad!   I think it was Jeff Healy.   I did see James Taylor in Omaha many many years ago.     The most amazing – and by that I mean ODD – concert was when a reunion (or maybe they never broke up?  I dunno) of BADFINGER in a bar in Columbia Missouri, must have been mid-90s.     I own a CD of their greatest hits but it sounds like it was cheaply made from a scratched disk…  

Here ya go!   I can’t ever decide which song I like better… Day After Day or Baby Blue…    I have to go listen again…  and find that CD…  

Have a Marvelous Monday!   




  1. Hahaha…the second I saw your spelling of “brooch” on my comment, I thought: “Sh*t! I spelled it wrong!”, but then I wondered why all these “broach” image searches I made in Google called up actual “brooches”…I guess it IS inter-changeable on the Internet, though I believe your official spelling is correct..haha…good call! 😉

    PS: that brooch is HOT! You definitely have one-up on me!!! 😉

  2. The brooch IS hot. I think it’s that gaping open mouth…

  3. I think that anytime one can work “morass” into the conversation, it’s an instant hit!

    You and I must have been on the same wavelength about the broach having to be passed down from one woman to the next. In your case, I think it still applies even though she purchased it. It still came from another woman, so my theory holds!
    Thanks for stopping by my site!

  4. whew — thought i was the only one who hsd a treasured fish brooch. i don’t even like fish that much, but it was my gram’s. it’s a totally kitsch thang from the ’40s or ’50s but i love it so!!!

    and i like badfinger, too :}

  5. I’m still a little confused about brooch vs. broach, but that’s OK. This was a fun post, I like seeing your “organized” crap. It really looks a lot like my “organized” crap. 😀

  6. What a wonderful Mother-in-law you have..your fish is lovely!

    I enjoyed having a peak into your world! You look organized to me!! hee, hee.

    I never have figured out how to link. I am so technically challenged. :O

    YES, I do have a wonderful MIL. and I, too, think the fish is cool.

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