It sucks.

April 6, 2008

[10 am]    OK, I decided to actually act upon my frustrations and check the Forum for what’s happening with the stuff that doesn’t work for me.    Come to find out that I need an upgrade to my Adobe flash (that’s why the image uploader won’t work.)   So, I did that and now I’m back to test…

Ok, so far so good.   This CR scene was in my gallery.  Now I’ll attempt to upload a new image to my Media Library…

  OK!   Yippee!   🙂  !   

But I can’t get the linking to do anything.    I’m off to the Forums now to check that out.


[8:00 am]  OK, I’ll give WordPress some more time to work out the kinks [Just tried again to link to the article that announced the changes and it doesn’t work…  I’m referring to this: http://wordpress.com/blog/2008/04/04/new-dashboard/ ] but I can’t get any of the linking buttons to work, my images won’t upload and to top off all frustration, I hit the SAVE button and only about a third of my post was retained!

So, I either post that third, cancel the whole idea, or write this little rant.




  1. I too am less than impressed with WordPress’ new and improved everything.
    Where was the warning? And didn’t they test this out with a focus group or something?
    I need a fucking seeing eye dog to get around my damned dashboard.
    You hear that WordPress? Boourns to your new set up!

  2. What’s funny, is that I have the opposite problem. Everything is HUGE on my display.

    What’s “BOOURNS” mean? or do I really want to know?

  3. UGh I hate it too 😦

  4. Me too! I don’t like this new crappy dashboard layout. You’re so right, it does suck.

  5. @ Talea – I can see it okay, but it feels like I’ve gotten into the wrong car, or I walked into the wrong building or something. And the Blog Surfer still doesn’t work right.

  6. I haven’t found anyone yet who likes it.

  7. The bad news for me is the spell-check seems to have disappeared. Which is sooooo useful when writing long posts! I checked the forum myself too – and they are working on it, thank goodness.

    Frustrating though. 😦

  8. Try the Windows LiveWriter. I downloaded it about a week ago and it’s simplfied the WordPress experience significantly.

    And, it’s FREE!

  9. Author, if you blog using Firefox, the browser itself will be your spell-check. It’s fancy. It even spell checks as you are leaving comments in the boxes on other people’s blogs.

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