Views From My Windows (PHOTO Friday!)

April 4, 2008


Photo Friday!    Click on the above icon to visit the origin of this fun activity; join in!

TGIF!  Which means I show off some more of my digital photos.   The theme this week is The View From My Window.    I’ve amped it up just a little by showing you many views from a variety of windows that I looked through this past week.    Enjoy! 


This is the view from the puddlejumper we flew from LA to Palm Springs.   I’m not sure where in the trip this was but probably closer to the PS than the LA.


On the flight back to Boston Logan, I looked directly down and upon some ice flows on a big body of water (we think it was Lake Erie).    Cool, huh?

For the next couple of pictures, I feature the room from our hotel in Rancho Mirage.   It wasn’t the best view of the resort, but it was convenient to the parking lot.  ha!



We didn’t do a lot of the big touristy things – only the Palm Springs Tram.   AWESOME!   I can’t share all the details of it because I failed to retain any facts and figures like elevation, etc.   I believe it was San Jacinto and I do remember it was cold up there.   In Palm Springs, it was heavenly dry and warm.  Warm like hanging out at the pool and needing to jump in when TOO hot!   But up on the mountain, it was 30 degrees and worse.   The wind was blowing hard and it was freezing!   I was wearing shorts, silly me.


The tram car rotated!  So we saw every angle going up and coming back down.   I recommend this activity if you are ever in the Desert Cities.   Did you know that this is where the two plates of the continents come together?  At least, that’s what the tour guide told me (on the wives’ “Art Tour & Lunch of El Paseo Drive”.  la ti da)  But looking it up on Wikipedia tells a bigger story so…   Go read more here if you’re interested:  “The San Andreas Fault,  a right-lateral strike-slip fault, marks a transform (or sliding) boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate.”


Which brings us to TODAY.   This is the view south from the chair at my PC where I sit right now as I type this.    [Looking at this makes me want to explain that the chair really does “go” in this room, despite the apparent decor-clash with the curtains…]

100_5147.jpg  And getting closer to the window, this is what I see.  


  1. Wow! Busy week! Lots of windows you have peered out of. The airplane window pic is so cool! Like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark! And the ice floes in the water, that’s a pretty amazing shot.

    Ya know, Palm Springs used to be my most favorite vacation spot (pretty much went there every summer for YEARS), but I never once went up on that tram! I have been told by many people though, that no matter how warm it is down in the desert, that you gotta wear warm clothes on the tram cuz it’s COLD up there. I guess you found out the truth in that.

    I cracked up at your need to explain that chair. Too funny!

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW! So many stunning views (OK the car park view was a bit average but still interesting!) That looked a fabulous trip – and great to see your view from the computer too! 🙂

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  4. Great photos. Sounds like you had a good time. My daughter and her hubby leave for Vegas on Thursday. She will bring her computer and send me photos as she takes them. So I get to take a vacation and not leave the house.

  5. What a great theme here. I love the view from the airplane window.

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