Cherry Chocolate

April 4, 2008

cherry_chocolate_label.jpgHas anyone tried the Limited Edition Diet Dr. Pepper CHERRY CHOCOLATE flavor?  I’m diggin’ it.

Which is kinda strange.  I rarely drink soda, let alone purchase it from the grocery.   But, there it was, enticing me…   A quick glance at the Dr. Pepper section and WHAM!   chocolate!

I don’t even like those Chocolate Covered Cherries that inspired it…    Strange, huh?




Oh well…   I wonder if I should stock up.    Could this be a perimenopausal symptom? kite32.jpg




  1. If loving that drink is a symptom of menopause, then we’re both going through it, sister!

  2. That drink looks good. I get so many chocolate attacks daily. I could drink a lot of that . I’m going to go out and find it tonight. I NEED CHOCOLATE NOW!!!!

  3. I accidentally tried this the other day and honestly, I was sadly disappointed in it.

  4. Hey thanks for stopping by…i am here! ❤

    WOW who would think to put those things together??

    I actually stopped drinking all soda over a year ago…it seems like an odd combo…how do you like it??

  5. It looks delicious. I try to stay away from Nutri-Sweet though, so I’ll stick with my delicious, bland, unsweetened iced tea.

  6. Wel I love cherries, and I adore chocolate – so I guess I’ll have to see if they sell it this side of the pond! 🙂

  7. mmmmmm haven’t tried this one, but I may just hit the store a little later and buy some! I like the occasional diet soda and this could be just the thing to use for a ‘figure friendly’ chocolate fix!!

  8. The chocolate-dripping cherries look enticing, and since I’m one to get moved by packaging, I’ll have to give it a try when I see it 😉

  9. Hmmmm. Let’s see. I think I better go find my ten foot pole. For both the Dr Pepper and the perimenopausal question. Or maybe I’ll need 2 ten foot poles. Wait! How about one twenty foot pole?

    I do like regular Dr Pepper let me add … 😀

  10. this kind of scares me. First – not being a fan of Dr. Pepper (**GASP**). But then i get overwhelmed with the possibility of all those flavors at one time! I get overwhelmed easily evidently.

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