Spring Is Sprung

April 3, 2008

I’m all worded out from a fun trip to California.  My internal clock feels like it’s wound funny and I’m just starting to wake up.   My poor hub worked after we got home last night and was up at 5 am to get into the office.   Me?   I’m off to Dunkin Donuts cuz I don’t feel like making coffee, but I am up for driving(?!)   My fingers are typing words that I’m not sure my brain initiated;  I thought I would post a few pics and not be pressured to think up any more words.    I meant to show you what I came home to:   FLOWERS!


The crocuses are blooming and I have one vibrant daffodil.    And, of course, I missed the pup who I suspect is resenting that I picked him up from his doggie resort – he was having so much fun there with his friends.   Now he has to sulk and pout while I play on the computer…



  1. Hey!!! You were in my neck of the woods! 🙂 Where abouts in California did you visit?

    Don’t you just love this time of year??? I’m crazy about the flowers…Right now, I’ve got tulips all over!

  2. The flowers are taking over my garden as well. As soon as I saw the peach blossoms, I knew spring is quickly approaching.

    By the way, that’s one cute dog. What’s his name?

  3. Awesome photos, I especially love the crocuses. (Geez, that word looks weird in print.) And somehow your dog always manages to look distinguished. He’s like the John Houseman of dogs. 🙂 What is his name? I’m guessing Sir Leopold of Belgium.

  4. The flowers are simply gorgeous (oh how I love Spring) but the real star of the show is the “pup”! He is awesomely cute!

    I echo leafless, what’s his name and can we see more pics of his vacation too?

  5. @Grace, I was in Palm Springs area, for a conference. It was over the top beautiful.

    @Leafless, I do love the flowers. In another life, I hope to come back as a botanist/floriculturist. OR I’m saving that for a later stage in my life.

    @Wendy, I LIKE Sir Leopold of Belgium! Fancy.

    @Author, No pics of the doggie resort – sorry!

    @ALLofYOU: My pup is called OSCAR. officially? AKC name is Oscar de la Hunta. “Little Guy”, Dumbass, Pumpkin, “Oscar-Meyer” it all depends.

    It’s funny that you all want to know his name! I don’t know why that strikes me funny, though…

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