Photo Friday

March 28, 2008

For the originator of this fun Friday activity:   CLICK HERE or on this photo: 

Photo Friday
Photographic ART





I can’t claim credit for this one;  thank you to my cousin Diane.  It’s a kaleidoscope effect on a photo of a berry bush of some sort. 

Happy Weekend Everyone – I won’t be posting for awhile… I’m off on another fun adventure.   Til next week then!  kite3.jpg

Curious “C”                              


  1. Wow – those images are lovely. I particularly like the second one.

    Have a lovely fun adventure!

  2. […] Blahblahblog & Ideajump […]

  3. And I particularly love the first one! I wouldn’t have known they were begonias. I can see I need to head back to the drawing board.

    And do have a wonderful adventure!

  4. Beautiful photos. Have fun on your adventure. Take photos.

  5. love those photos 🙂

  6. Nice work….enjoy your time away!

  7. I like these..the first one is very unique.

    Have a lovely adventure!!

  8. Wonderful! Have fun!

  9. Lovely photos. You have some real talents.

  10. […] it to CuriousC of Idea Jump!for a stunning digital maniplation of some Begonias in the category of Photographic Art. I liked both these photos from the start, but the second image reached out to me. I love the […]

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