Mosaics on the Internet

March 22, 2008

I was curious to find out if my blog would be presented if I searched on the following:

”Mosaic Mannequin” 


Well, well, well!   What FUN is this?!   I found so many cool spots to give me visual treats of some outstanding artists that I must share.   However, not sure the protocol to do so, I will tease and entice you to click away on the links provided;  since, I’m sure they publish this to be found and enjoyed, I think I’m only helping with the marketing, right?



Londonart.co.uk has a feature on Ed Chapman and they describe him as “…one of the UK’s leading mosaic artists working in ceramic and glass tile. Achieving incredibly accurate results, Chapman has taken the age old medium of mosaic to a modern high standard. His work incorporates all sorts of iconic imagery and his 3-D works are exciting and stylish, as well as being instantly recognisable.”     INCREDIBLE.    And be sure to check out the mannequin (8 of 70) he has ‘dressed’!     Click here for the slide show of his work. 



Another wonderful site is a wordpress blog dedicated to mosaic art, Mosaic Art Source.    They have a photographic story on a fabulous artist Nek Chand in India.    More than incredible.   MORE!    I won’t even try to describe how heart-warming this post is for me.     So please check it out.



OK, that’s enough for now.   Be assured, that I will soon be describing the process as I begin my own mosaic mannequin story.    The story of Willhelmina.


(Willhelmina’s stylist was unable to come up with any kind of Easter Holiday outfit…  sorry.)


  1. Nek Chand’s little world is one place I’ve always wanted to see. Amazing!

    I don’t know which fascinated me more about Ed Chapman’s work– the mosaics themselves, or the prices he commands for them!

    I can’t wait to see how these guys will influence and inspire you as you work on Wilhelmina.

  2. i WILL check Em out how are you?

  3. Looking forward to the journey with this woman too..hee, hee. Can’t wait to see her in process!

    I’ll be back to look at the links. 🙂

  4. Wow; the works of art by Nek Chand and Ed Chapman are breathtaking! They will be wonderful influences on you! Thanks for naming her Wilhelmina.

    Thanks for the Wilhelmina suggestion!

  5. @Moonbeam, it’s so fun to travel the web and see the great things being done in the world, huh?

    @Kaylee, I hope you enjoy the links – the art is beautiful.

    @Gypsy-Heart –> soon, I’ll post on the process..

    @FWM, I’m searching out the wonderful influences and avoiding the bad ones. Wilhelmina will be a masterpiece, ha!

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