I Just Realized…

March 21, 2008

I just realized that I blog cuz I don’t have enough people to talk to.    It truly can feel like one of the job fairs or better, the vendor room at a conference, where you stand awkwardly in front of some goofy placard selling your wares (I had the term ‘touting’… is that better?) and HOPING that some nice person will stop by and talk to you and yet not be too dorky.      [Or in Bound&Gags case, you have a big sign to warn the dorks NOT to engage in silly conversation…   Display in RED for “WARNING!”]

And then when they do stop by, you yap and flap your gums and hope you are making a good impression but knowing deep down, you’re a dork, too.    

I sometimes need the safety of my blog (or to keep my analogy imagery going…  the placard/table) so I don’t have to wander around and talk to anybody else!    

[Giving credit where due – if you are in need of a conference placard thingy, just click on the photo of the two very nice people from MegaPrint showing off their event banner….]

Yes Joan, I did walk 5 miles yesterday and I think I will attempt 4 today.   These are all on my treadmill.  I have a strange head condition that makes being outside in cold temps extremely painful after about 20 minutes of exposure.   I think it might be related to air pressure but I’ve never been scientific with it.    And I tried bringing it up to a doctor but it never hurts when I’m at the doctors, so – hard to figure it out.   I just don’t spend time outside unless it is warm like 60 degrees or higher…   Otherwise, I start acting like I’m one of those characters on the old Star Trek when being exposed to some highpitched noise that I assume feels like someone is stabbing my brain with an icepick.     [Couldn’t find a pic…  had to go with this one instead.]

Another thing, isn’t it AMAZING when blog-block breaks and the difficult part isn’t what to talk about but what topic to choose today?!    I’m flooded with ideas right now!!!!!!!!!   Which is sad when I come up with this crap instead.   Oh well, I’ve said it before.  It’s my blog, and I can cry if I want to.

To respond to Annie at WriterChick (and someone on my other blog!), I didn’t realize you could cut and paste from other places…     I always saved an image to my PC and then used the upload feature in wordpress editor.    I think I must have attempted the cut&paste exasperation on one of those wordpress-trouble days when you can’t get the carriage return to work or the edit buttons to do anything, etc.    So my 3GB is getting full and thought I needed to delete out all the jpegs!   But wordpress only allows you (last time I tried) to delete them one at a time with WAY TOO MANY page clicks to make it happen.      And I also wonder if past posts with images then don’t allow the image to display if I delete it out of my collection.   Which would be sad on my FOG post, huh.

I know others use different editors – I’ve even researched a few but I HATE to download new stuff to my PC!   

And when did WordPress start allowing the editing of the timestamp?   Is that new?

Have a terrific Thursday, y’all.          kite3.jpg



  1. Now, now, now! You make me sound unreasonable! People can engage anytime their little hearts desire. They just may not like where that engagement ends up.

  2. I am one dork who really likes stopping by your table. 🙂

    The time stamp thing has been around for a while. What other blog?

  3. That is awesome that you walked five miles on a treadmill or outdoors–who cares–just getting off the chair and doing it is such a wonderful accomplishment.I wonder if blogging will become so addictive to some people they will have to have blogger’s anonymous or BA meetings.

    Great idea! I’ll meet you at Target and we can cruise the store and chat about our blogging addiction!

  4. Don’t delete your uploads because then they won’t show up in your posts. 😦

    OOOoo – thanks for the advice.

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