March 21, 2008



For PHOTO FRIDAY!   Click here for more partipants and invitation

Last spring, Hub and I took a fabulous vacation to South Carolina.   I took so many pics of architecture, front doors, flowers, gardens, fountains, everything!    We had a lovely time.   I like the color contrast, the elegance of this peek through the iron gate, to the exquisite front entry to a home in Charleston.

[Now, here’s the problem I was having…  I attempted the cut&paste route with this, but it wouldn’t let me.   I had to upload and store, then hit the button to add to my post.   I do what I know how to do.]



  1. This photo is quite beautiful – I just love the colours as well as the architecture itself.

    It would make a lovely calendar or birthday card picture.

  2. Lovely! I have a “thing” for doors and archways myself. And the south is a wonderful treasure trove of entries.

  3. What a cool photo!!

  4. What a beautiful, elegant picture. It made me feel I was right there, languishing over a mint julep whilst fanning myself and whispering, ‘mah, it terribly wahm in here.’

  5. Beautiful. I have a hankerin’ to go to SC.

    I’m not understanding your photo dilemma, but I did want to ask you if you were using a photo optimizer (like webresizer.com). It saves a lot of storage space, and makes your photos easier to load when people visit your blog. Do I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about here?

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  7. The photo is beautiful. I am so inspired by you and David to start taking photos again. I just wish I could remember to bring my camera with me. I need bigger post it notes. Giant ones that I won’t miss.

  8. I really like the way the iron gate superimposes over the door. Nice one C! 😀

    Thanks, sometimes, I really have an eye for the artistic layout… sometimes, not so much. I have a ton of photos of doors that are ever so slightly NOT horizontal. My poor hub really indulged me, ‘Wait! this is a cool door! I gotta take a picture! I’m going to do a door collage one of these days.

  9. I absolutely love Charleston — it is one of my all time favorite places. We lived just outside of Charleston for six years and I miss it so much, especially in the spring time. We still live in South Carolina, but the Myrtle Beach area is not quite the same.

    Charleston is wonderful! We had such a good time. Did you ever visit the tea plantation? Very cool.

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