Poetry Wednesday

March 19, 2008


I finally found a poem on a Wednesday!    Written on spiral notebook paper, yellow with age (over 25 years old now, I’m assuming), this is my entry for Poetry Wednesday.     I have no idea who I could have been writing about.   Perfect man?  Biggest fan?   



Love is confusing,

or am I just confused

      that this is love?

Love can be bewildering

Or am I just bewildered

                                           about what it is I’m feeling?

On & on I love to talk

                                  of who I’m feeling for

And suddenly all I can do

                                                  about these feelings is ignore!

Not to jump too fast I say

(Althought he is a perfect man)

It isn’t love – “uh huh, no way”

I’m just his biggest fan






One comment

  1. That’s so cute.

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