Ummmm. Shouldn’t be doin’ this….

March 14, 2008

Drunk blogging!

Oh, just a bit of red wine.   Coherent enough to care about some sentence structure.   


Why doesn’t four and hour rhyme?   Pls don’t give bullshit about how hard the English language is.   Blimey.

RED of Dr. Pepper fame, really REALLY scares me.   But I know she has a soft side.  Still.   I’ve been wanting to address one of her last posts (one from WEEKS ago, abt blogging….) but have yet to get to it…      If you don’t know who I’m talking about, too bad.

 We.   SCRATCH THAT.   The ‘Hub’ is throwing a party tomorrow night – cooking up an Irish feast.     I hate throwing parties.  I do it because they are always fun.   But the planning stress undos me.      I am such a worrywart.   I’m Charlie Brown.    I can’t get over myself.  In a bad way.

I hate Charlie Brown.   I wish I was Lucy.

Happy Weekend Everyone.   Drink lots of water (I’m off to imbibe some good ol’ H20 right now…) 

img_0487.jpg   Hey…. is this 4 posts in one day?  Four, 1, whatever….   PS I love ellipses.     (did I spell that right?)  

Join me next Friday night for more drunk blogging.    Of course, I may have forgotten this ‘date’ by then.    Participate at your own risk.

My risk is that I will be SOOO embarrassed that I will delete this post… 

hee hee hee



  1. Oh don’t delete it. I’d be drinking too but I have weight watchers tomorrow. Instead I ate a Luna bar and then read the calories. Way too many calories but I was craving chocolate and I ate it anyway. Too late now unless I go Bulimic. And that is never going to happen. I hate throwing up. Definitely drink lots of water.

  2. Girl!! I wish had a glass (or a bottle) to share with you. Just “walk easy” as Sorrow says. 🙂
    I’ll be back to read more later…I am on Drayton (the island)now, and supposed to be working. I took a quick break! 😮

    Until later…good energy!!

    Have fun on the island! get to work but never think of it as work… Get back to PLAY! A much better 4 letter word.

  3. That’s awesome. Drunk blogging. I should have done that last night too. I could have written about Len, the drunk guy who tried to befriend me and my friends at the bar. He was a loser.

    You and your husband are the exact opposite of me & mine on the party scene. Can’t throw parties even though I want to…my husband will have a panic attack every day for the week prior. Have a good Irish dinner!!

    I got the idea for drunk blogging (yea, right, like it was planned?!) from some blog-group arranging a blog ‘beer’ night. So on a weekend night starting at a particular time, they plan on visiting each other and having a comment-a-thon or whatever. It was a hoot to read and jump around to all of them.

    And then maybe we should plan a party where you help my Hub cook and Matt and I can stay out of the way… BTW, the corned beef was fabulous, the colcannon was divine, the baked cod was out of this world, and I forgot to take any photos.

  4. I love the idea of drunk Friday blogging! The motto: “No deleting. No regrets.” Oh, and that lampshade looks fabulous on your head.

    I look good in hats/lampshades/crapstacks on my head…


    Planning undoes me too! Lucy is a BITCH. And I also love ellipses! Use them all the time! Sometimes, I throw in an extra period ….

    !! I like exclamation points too. Who doesn’t, right?

    What I want to know is if cats have kittens, why don’t bats have bittens?

    LOL, ROFL, etc etc… Funny how that period after the ellipse is bolder…. and I always edit out half of my exclams. OR?! why don’t we spell kittens with a ‘C’?! cittens. Again, another rule about c with i being soft or something, right? B doesn’t have any silly rules.

  6. LOL! 🙂

  7. And I meant to say also that yeah, I’m a little scared of Red too! She’s a hoot though with all her cussin’ and kissin’. I left her a comment to the effect that I admired her “sweet truculence”. She said nobody’d ever called her sweet before.

    But then I’ve been married to a redhead for 30 years …

    I looked up truculence just to make sure I had a hint what it meant and got ‘obstreperous’! and then later the book I was reading had obstreperous – coincidence? I LOVE big words…

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