One of My Top Ten Posts…

March 14, 2008

One of my top ten posts has never been commented on.

Something about that is really COOL to me.    It’s the one that most seem to find by searching on ‘fog’:    Called WONDER, you may click here to go read it… 

Now, don’t spoil it by commenting there!   Come back here instead!    (just a thought; I’m really not the kind to tell people what to do.)




    Thank YOU for stopping by my blog. And I’m thrilled that you linked to me. 🙂 Thanks, “C”

  2. very cool! i wonder why no one has commented on it!?

    Wonder of wonders, ha! David gives a pretty explanation for it… maybe?

  3. Great post. I don’t know how I missed it. I wonder who I would be if I were on a sitcom? Actually I think I live in a sitcom only nobody’s watching and I can’t see the cameras. Well, actually, all the neighbors are probably watching since we don’t have curtains.

  4. You do realise you commented on it yourself by linking to it? Life sucks sometimes!!!

    Great post though! 😉

  5. I was sorely tempted to leave a comment there, but don’t want to despoil a virgin post.

    Woodrow Wilson was brilliant, hey?

    That quote says so much about how we humans apprehend our world. It resonates so strongly today, especially with respect to media, who always rush headlong into the high noon sun, only to shrivel like a raisin in so doing.

    Yet,your post juxtaposes that with the fog of the web, promising, cloying, and full of hope. It invites and repels commentary, simultaneously. Hence, no comments.

    Elegantly stated, thank you.

  6. That’s really cool that you quoted Woodrow Wilson.

    I was going to say what Author said. LOL! Delete that pingback, quick!

    Actually, I’m a little nervous about deleting the pingback… sort of like pulling a thread from a sweater – the WHOLE THING might collapse!!

  7. LOL, I almost accidentally commented there….

    I thought that picture was lovely; it reminded me of those misty early mornings when I would have to walk to school in 7th grade…and then I remembered that I was a loser in 7th grade, but hey that’s my own memory’s doing, not your post’s fault! LOL 😉

    PS to Dave: I’m suprised you were able to control yourself, you virgin-post-despooling Man-‘Ho!!! 😉

    Oh Romi! You are TOO funny! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. And I’m suprised about David, too!

  8. oops! I spoiled it.:O

    I told you I am crazy right now..please just delete it.

    I loved the quote and the image…right now my brain feels like the fog in your image.

    AAhhh, I couldn’t delete. I heart you too much! 🙂

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