Lending Support

March 10, 2008

For first post-vacation post…

To show support for blog-friend…

To apologize later rather than ask permission prior to steal cool jpg for this post (eek!?)

Please do go enjoy the original and creative blog of Moonbeam, click here.


(above image stolen from post that I recommend in prior sentence and declare here as being the original work of Moonbeam McQueen and will most definitely delete from post upon MBMQ’s order to do so if MBMQ does so order.)



  1. So you were on vacation? I wondered why You hadn’t been around. Where did you go? Did You enjoy yourself? I hope so. Missed you.

    Hi Joan! Yep, I was on vacation and am slowly getting back to the blog thing. I still have to catch up on all the TV shows I recorded! I’ll be telling you about my last 10 days as soon as I can wade through the 700 photos to determine blogworthiness…

  2. This is SOOOO sweet! It’s not stealing, it’s contributing to the campaign! Thank you so much for helping!

  3. […] one’s from Curious C over at Idea Jump. Thank you for joining the […]

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