Easing Back In…

March 10, 2008

So…   Today I meant to catch up on everyone’s blogs and I’m finding my day eroding out from under me like sand when sitting on a beach after the wave crashes…

We have over 700 photos from our trip to Costa Rica and I’m attempting to edit for duplicates and organizing and renaming from boring img204# names, etc.   Then to upload to somewhere for printing and sharing with friends and family.  

Which brings me to the task of totally re-organizing ALL photos off the PC and make sure I’ve stored them on CD or offsite webhost, printed copies, ad nauseam.     Create some space on the ol’ harddrive….

My to do list is growing.   All those things ‘when I get back.’   And now it’s almost noon and I’m barely dressed and listo for the world.   [LISTO is Spanish for ‘ready’.]

We had 7-8 days in Costa Rica and it was heaven.     Sunny, warm, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL.   I am in love with Costa Rica and the Costa Rican people.    We had a fabulous time and saw so much.   I WANT TO GO BACK!    I’m tan (which, to look at me, you might protest that I’m not THAT tan – my fair German-heritage skin just darkens a little.  The term ‘darken’ really doesn’t apply.) 

I don’t have any oooo-aaahhh photos of butterflies since we are stupidly clumsy and lazy with our new camera but here’s one in honor of Gypsy-Heart!   I so tried to get a good shot of a Morpho blue one but they don’t pose well when ordered to ‘stand still!’   They just laugh and flutter-by…


I didn’t get any photos of the orchids (darn!   WTH?)  but we saw many beautiful beautiful plants, birds, etc.   

What a beautiful country.  I recommend a visit if you can!



  1. YEAH!! i am so glad you had a wonderful time! I hope you are going to share some of those wonderful pictures!!! Welcome Home! \

    PS thanks for the kind words today!

  2. You sound wonderful…this trip was good for you! We are looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing your photographs.

    Thank you so much for the butterfly photo…it is beautiful! I love black and white butterflies. We have a zebra one here in Florida. In fact, I think it is our state butterfly, but I have only seen them a few times.

    I am honored that you thought of me, and I send you a most heart-felt thank you!!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your photos – it sounded like a brilliant trip.

  4. ((( CuriousC ))) Helloooo!!! I can’t wait to see your pictures. I’m just getting back into blogging myself, after a hiatus of sorts. It’s good to see you again!!


  5. Nice Morpho Blue! Glad you had a nice vacation!

    Good idea to burn your pix onto CDs. That’s the easiest/cheapest way.

    Spring is almost here!

  6. Sounds like a perfect vacation (and perfect timing)! It’ll probably take a couple of days to get “listo!”

    Yes, it will take me some time… I really want to org my photos better before I compose my trip report… It’s all developing in my head; hope to publish something soon…

  7. My girlfriends daughter went there last month with school. We still haven’t seen her pictures. Mind if I take yours and pass them off to my girlfriend?

    Excellent sounding vacation.

  8. Costa Rica is indeed a beautiful place. My sister went there last year and brought back a lot of beautiful photos.

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