New Project

February 26, 2008

Lately, I seem to have taken up residence in the Melancholy Dwells Hotel.   Or at least, driving the bus that goes there.    I also call these times the DREADS and, also, the Sit&Spins.    What someone described to me as being lost in the ugly colors of the rainbow;  the trick is navigating all the colors and enjoying the ride.   I think it was something like that, anyway.    Perhaps, my biorhythm valleys of ‘low’ are all in sync?  

I am not one to easily dismiss the negative thoughts that pop into my consciousness.   The “Happy” experts say to recognize these thoughts and then just say, “OK, I see ya, don’t need to BE ya.  Go away.”  and somehow, they – these negative thoughts – are supposed to drift off into the ether.   

But mine bring friends.    The shouldn’ts and couldn’ts and wonts.    That SHOULD family is big and burly and boisterous and drinks a lot.    SO rather than kicking them out, I tend to join in on the party.   

Anyway!!!    Stop it already!    It’s a good thing I’m going on vacation.

So, being in need of a new distraction in my life,  I introduce you to my next project.    I do mosaics.    Please enjoy some of my work: 

100_5127.jpg  100_5128.jpg  Simple stuff, nothing fancy, really.   Both of these are mirrors…   The purple and teal was the very first mosaic I created.    I give more of my work away than I keep but I have a ton of objects just waiting for me to smash some plates and start gluing.   

Which brings me to the Next Project.   It’s a big one.  

Hub and I were discussing the space above our front door.   Curtains?    a huge vase or two?   WHAT?    We’ve lived in this house for 4 years now and I don’t want anything ‘up there’.     It’s fun to have a spot in the house that seems unfinished.   It entices questions from visitors and it bugs the mother-in-law.     And I don’t want to dust it.   (ha!  I wouldn’t anyway – stupid argument, that.)

For some reason – not even sure WHO it was…    We thought how cool it would be to have a mosaic’d mannequin!     And we could suspend Hub’s trombone from the ceiling  – it’d be COOL, MAN!  

I googled the internet for mannequins for sale and thought they were relatively inexpensive.   I don’t know why, but I thought they’d be hundreds and hundreds of dollars!    Of course, shipping and handling usually is possibly 3 bills, too.

Not having actually ordered anything, just kicking the idea around, we mentioned our grand idea to my parents.    

Come to find out, during hunting season, my dad placed a mannequin up in his tree stand so the deer would get used to seeing a human-like figure.     He got it from mom who used to work at JCPenneys.     It was buried in the attic; would I want it?

HELL, YES!     We rushed it to the UPS store to package and ship it home – they were quite amused and Hub and I were like little kids.   TOO FUNNY.

Here we are doing the ‘torso’ unveiling to Puppy-O:     (he was NOT too thrilled, quite suspicious.)

more stop

And here is the space we plan on placing this soon-to-be mosaic’d mannequin: 

While I’m off & away attempting to tan my fair skin (I’ll get to a darker shade of pale) while reading poolside in warmer climes, I encourage all readers, friends and lurkers to leave me a little note suggesting a NAME.   Our colorful crazy mosiac will need a name, don’t ya think?   May I come back all happy-happy and excited to crack tile and smash plates and dig through antique stores for cute little porcelain critters, whatnots and scrabble pieces;  all charged to create!                                                      I plan on documenting my progress here and I THANK YOU for giving me some accountability and encouragement.                                            See you next month!  
Oh, and Happy Leap Year Everyone!
Sincerely,   Curious “C”  kite32.jpg


  1. “C” I imagine it goes without saying that I think this a wonderful idea!! I can’t wait to see her finished..a new beautiful mosaic’d identity.

    That will be the perfect place for her..this may be the beginning of more.

    Your “Puppy” is so cute checking her out…

    I love mannequins too, I enjoy using them as subjects in paintings.

    Have a wonderful trip!

    Ps I can see your Dad carrying her in and out of the woods…boy can you imagine if anyone saw him..hee, hee. I love it, love it!!!

  2. I used to have a mannequin but I got rid of it because I used to scare the hell out of me at night.

    I never got used to it and in dim light (like when you’re going to the can) it looked like some stranger was in the room.

    Very unsettling.

  3. Nice post C. Dark but really nicely written. The Melancholy Dwells Hotel, a.k.a. the DREADS. Mosaic-ing sounds like such a great way to work through it. LOVE the mirrors!

    “That SHOULD family is big and burly and boisterous and drinks a lot.”

    I’m sure you know already, the SHOULD family are assholes of the 3rd degree!

    Let’s see the deer “get used to it” after you’re done with it! Your dog seems a little suspicious. Does the mannequin have a name?

  4. Fantastic idea! I used to have a wonderful semi-opaque torso that I used to fill with Christmas lights. I stored it at my mother’s, and she “accidentally” sold it at a yard sale. I would love to have her back.

    I can’t wait to see the results of this! Oh, and I think I saw you in the lobby of the Melancholy Dwells Hotel. I’ve been staying there lately too.

  5. @Gypsy, Yes, Dad must have been a funny sight! He probably had it all dressed up in cameoflage.

    @Razzbuffnik, Thanks for stopping by. I hadn’t thought of the scariness factor. But I bet it scares the &*%# out of the neighbors, too! A bonus…

    @David, Thanks for the compliments. I had blogblock… once I start to write about it, it seems to weigh less. I agree about the “Should” Fam – that’s why I prefer not to make them MORE mad at me. Gotta name to suggest?

    @MBMQ, Cool idea for a lightfilled mannequin! My MIL who keeps EVERYTHING ‘accidently’ sold my hub’s baseball card collection. I don’t believe she did it – it’s a big source of controversy.

    Were you at Bingo yesterday afternoon; with the purple hair?

  6. I think her name could be Wilhelmina.

    OOOooo. I like Wilhelmina! And, added bonus, it’s my gma’s middle name.

  7. WoW i cannot wait to see the end result!! I think you could name her, Mo

    have a great trip!!

  8. Wilhelmina isn’t bad.

    She looks rather severe, or maybe kinda butch. Gertrude. Beatrice. Brunhilda. Olga.

    Are there arms and legs? If not, how about Venus D. Milo? Sorry. I’m grasping. Got nothing. I’m sure you’ll come up with a great name as you apply the mosaic. Have fun! 🙂

    Nope, no arms, no legs. I’m leaning towards the Wilhelmina. Who knows what she’ll look like when I get done with her… I’m hunting up materials first…

  9. Well, I have to take Zoloft to keep the hell out of that hotel you’re visiting. Was spending way to much time there last year.

    The last cat I had I called Cat. So I’m not too good with names. I’d probably call it Manny (short for mannequin, or maybe Quinn). Two of the cats I have now I call Red and Blue because they wear red and blue collars. My other cat is Yoda but my son named him. I’d probably just call him Dumbass.

    I’ve always wanted to do mosaics. I like the idea of smashing dishes too.

    I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

    Smashing dishes is actually great fun and a wonderful stress release. The first plate breaking experience is like a dam breaking and then WATCH OUT! But it’s important to have some control so that the fragments are big enough to work with…

  10. Hey C!
    What a marvelous idea. Maybe you could have her playing your husband’s trombone too. Hehe.
    I love weird solutions to things like this. Glad we don’t live near each other – we’d both be out of plates.

    Writer Chick! Thanks! Yes, we considered the trombone, too. Hang it with fishing line and really make the neighbors question our sanity (poor thing has no arms, you see.) Now, we are thinking about having her ‘hold’ a fishing rod and display a sailfish model… I’ll explain THAT soon, too.

  11. This is such a cool idea.

    Thx Wendy! I’m looking forward to it and I brought back some trinkets from CR to incorporate…

  12. cool mosaics. i would love to learn how to do that.

    in other news, i was thinking paris might be a good name for the mannequin, though wilhelmina is a good one, too 🙂

    feel better!

    Howdy! Mosaics are quite easy – I’ll describe the process soon. I am liking Wilhelmina, too.

  13. […] THE BEFORE.  For the beginning of this story:   New Project […]

  14. so…how did it turn out? And how did you get mortar(grout) to stick to the plastic. You see, my neighbors got a mannequin to use the legs to support a powder room sink, and I want to turn the torso into a garden gorgon with pot on head for trailing plant/hair. Tips?

  15. OH sndra! I’ve been bad! I can’t say that I have spent much time with with my friend Wilhelmina. It’s not that we haven’t been getting along or anything – oh the blame is entirely mine. You see, I’ve been jetting off on fun trips around this continent and have been puttering in my garden when home (and blogging.) I will post a sad, very sad, lack-of-progress update soon.

    Now. You don’t have a linkback! and I attempted sndrawordpress to no avail. I’m hoping that you come back…

    To answer your second question: will the grout stick to plastic? I use a tube of TUB&TILE adhesive caulk in clear but it doesn’t matter to GLUE the tiles/broken plate pieces/silly stuff to the mannequin and expect no problems. She actually isn’t particularly smooth, which helps too. I think your torso with plant hair garden idea is AWESOME! I want to see it. The only tip is more a concern of how to keep the gal upright with a flower pot as a head? balance issue.

    SO, please come back, I promise to get Wilhelmina presentable and you finish your cool concept and we can celebrate our creativity! deal?

  16. […] address the question of Wilhelmina.    A few of you will remember Wilhelmina, yes?    I had posted about her, oh back in February?   And then zipped off to Costa Rica, got obsessed with my tan, flew to AZ, Palm Springs, involved […]

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