February 25, 2008

Some quotes on dreams and doubts…


           “The greater danger for most of us in not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”                  Michelangelo                         

              Hey HEY HEY

When you argue for your limitations, the only thing you get are limitations.  


From:   Wisdom of the Ages by Wayne W. Dyer

“When you consider what you would love to accomplish in your life but feel ill-prepared to bring it about, picture the eighty-nine-year-old Michelangelo living five centuries ago, painting, sculpting, and writing.  Imagine he is telling you that you can create whatever you desire, and the great danger is not in having too much hope, but in reaching what you have perceived as hopeless.”


“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft would win by fearing to attempt.”                           Wm. Shakespeare



  1. Love all of your quotes! Some years ago Dyer’s words were just what I needed to hear.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. It is sooooo True. Our Greatest Joy is also our most terrifying fear. That gives us a clue as to what we must face in order to attain it.

    Here’s a fun exercise: Aim to fail.

    I applaud and admire your Inspiration!


  3. Great quotes – I particularly like the Shakespeare and surprisingly enough don’t recall ever reading it. Thanks.

    Thanks LL, I love reading quotes and the internet makes it so easy to hunt for them… It is astounding how smart that Billy Shakespeare dude was, huh?

  4. Wondering if you’re okay. I hope you’ve checked out of the Melancholy Dwells and are back at home working on your mannequin.

    Thx MBMQ! I’m fine. You’ll get to read more from me soon…

  5. I have a mannequin too. Her name is Gladys.

    Just felt like sharing this fine day.
    Hope you are well.

    Hello! Wicked cool that you, too, have a mannenquin! Gladys is a great name. I’m very well; hope you are, too. 🙂

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