Post ID #359, When: 2008-02-24 1:09 pm

February 24, 2008

My thoughts on recent pop culture goings-ons…

My Top 3 MEN in American Idol:    Jason Castro, David Archuleta, and Michael Johns


For the WOMEN, I’m rooting for Ramiele Malubay.  

I’m going to miss the finale of Project Runway:   March 5.   I have no idea what they are going to show this coming Wednesday.   

and, now, today, I’m getting ready to sit in front of the TV for the countdown and red carpet fashion show for…



  1. I will be definitely watching the Oscars even though I haven’t seen even one of the movies. Last year I watched the Oscars from my little room at the health care center where I was getting over pneumonia. My family brought me popcorn and snacks and I actually had a good time. Though I will definitely be happy to watch it here at home.

  2. I liked the young man in the picture too…there was something so honest and pure about his singing. I do not know the names yet so I do not know your other picks. 🙂

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