Michael Clayton

February 21, 2008

Don’t tell my Hub.   I snuck this in yesterday afternoon; ordered the PayPerView.   So, when (if) it arrives via Netflix, I will have to pretend I never saw it.   

Don’t worry.   I’m not good at keeping secrets – I’ll eventually break down and admit my transgression.   Hub will be annoyed and amused and promise to take me to the movies more.   Which he won’t do.

So I ordered Michael Clayton.

Why I was excited to see this movie:   1)  Nominated for Oscar Best Motion Picture.  2)  Stars Clooney.  3) Stars other excellent actors:   Wilkinson, Swinton, Pollack. 

Why I was not as excited to see this flick:   1)  It’s about attorneys.  2)  Probably about some evil corporate entity preying upon the innocent for trillions of dollars in profit.  3)  Too many suits.  

And there ya go!    All that above is true.   George Clooney wears a suit.   WOO HOO!    And this fact is why my favorite George Clooney movie will always be O Brother Where Art Thou? with Out of Sight a very close second.    [I never saw Solaris – did he wear a suit in that?   and, true, he didn’t wear a suit in Perfect Storm but I won’t see that, either.  ever.   I plan on reading the book someday, though.]

Actually, Michael Clayton surprised me in character development and in his background – especially when comparing movie trailer to what really happens in the plot.    I do recommend it.     It starts at the end and then quickly jumps to four days prior and then lets the story roll.    This technique usually ensures that I will watch closely the second time I see it just to catch any (more) clues.    And to answer the questions in my head about when exactly in the storyline was Karen the Attorney for the Evil Corporation checking her sweaty armpit?    [Oh – I caught a few slip ups in accent for her but overall a good job.]

I did wonder how Mercedes would  allow a scene *bad press* with a misfunctioning GPS.  Huh?   Oh.  

I had credibility issues with gaps and clues that I caught but that the characters didn’t.  HOLES?   deliberate?     The surprises were expected.     Compared to No Country For Old Men, this one has a nice tidy happy ending.  I doubt this will win the Oscar.     But it’s good.  

I will have to tell Hub I saw it – I won’t be able to act my way through as if I didn’t…   Thankfully, he is aware my Oscar-Obsession and is VERY aware what week it is.   He’ll forgive me.    

“Honey, I have an admission.   I’m sleeping with the lawnmowerboy.   Can’t help it – he’s so cute!   He promised to help me plant petunias this spring.   And pick up dog poop.”

“Really?”  he’ll ask me with puppy dog sadness in his eyes.

“No, not really.   Truthfully, I’ve just booted Sara Silverman out of the life of Matt Damon.”


“No, Dear, I’m sorry.   What I really need to tell you is I saw a movie you wanted to see and I saw it alone.   In our bed.   Last Wednesday afternoon.  I’M SORRY!  PLEASE FORGIVE ME!”

“Oh.     Ok.       Tell me again what movies we have from Netflix?”

Transformers, Once, and Across the Universe.




  1. (Autocommentarianism?) I appreciate that these movies will be enjoyable. BUT I want to see Juno and I asked Hub if it might be OK if I run off on an afternoon and go see Juno by myself and got a pouty look. So, Friday’s plan is foiled. I guess I could watch Once without him. I don’t think he’ll mind that…

  2. I saw “The Perfect Storm” and wished I hadn’t. My son is a fisherman and goes way out in the ocean, sometimes staying overnight. The movie scared the hell out of me. I kept thinking of my son out there. I still make him call me as soon as he hits dry land whenever he goes out.

  3. Oh Joan! I hear ya on that!

  4. Thank you for the information..I know where I will go with any movie questions! 🙂

  5. I liked “Michael Clayton,” but I didn’t love it. I’m glad you finally got to see it! “Once” is just lovely.

  6. @Gypsy-Heart, You are most welcome. Any questions or recommendations for movies – just let me know!

    @MBMcQ, I agree. I am looking forward to Once and Across the Universe. It may be awhile. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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