First Movies and Movies Never Seen

February 20, 2008

I remember the first ‘adult’ movies that I saw in the theater…   High Anxiety, Foul Play, Smokey and the Bandit… 

But the VERY FIRST movie that wasn’t a Disney cartoon or some other crap that would now be an afterschool special (do kids these days get to see Escape to Witch Mountain?),



and wow!   I have not had a movie make a similar impression or get a more amazing reaction out of me than that Rocky flick.     We were standing up and cheering and clapping and crying at the end of that – the whole place was rocking like we were really ringside!      I was eleven.   Gosh, that doesn’t sound right but we can’t deny the years.

And, the movie that I’ve never seen that when I admit to this, provokes the reaction that I must be crazy?   Jaws.   It was an R movie!  I was only 10!    And I just haven’t been inspired to go out of my way to see it since.   Sharks!?   ick.


Of the last 20 years of Best Picture Winners according to Oscar:

1987   The Last Emperor       
1988   Rain Man 
1989   Driving Miss Daisy      
1990   Dances With Wolves 
1991   The Silence of the Lambs      
1992   Unforgiven     
1993   Schindler’s List          
1994   Forrest Gump   
1995   Braveheart      
1996   The English Patient  

1997   Titanic *

1998   Shakespeare in Love   
1999   American Beauty    *?    
2000   Gladiator    *    
2001   A Beautiful Mind  *        
2002   Chicago  *     
2003   The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King  *
2004   Million Dollar Baby    *   
2005   Crash    *

2006   The Departed  *

  2007    ?      

Noms:  Atonement/Juno/Michael Clayton/No Country for Old Men*/There Will Be Blood


I have not seen 87’s The Last Emperor (and Netflix doesn’t have it).    The stars are movies that I actually saw on the big screen…

I have only seen No Country for Old Men from the Nom list but hope to catch Juno on Friday.    Michael Clayton is on the LONG WAIT list at Netflix and I just can’t make myself go buy it.    I’m not going to make it…   I’m feeling the letdown, ‘why-even-try’ resignation.   sigh

I’ve highlighted 3 that are my favorite TODAY.   I base this on which ones would I like to see again RIGHT NOW if I had to sit and watch three.     I enjoy Gladiator but have seen it a thousand times.    I honestly can state that I never need to see Titanic again, nor Million Dollar Baby.  or The English Patient.    But that could change tomorrow…   

What was the first movie you remember that made an impression on you?   Which movie have you not seen that most of the world has seen and would gasp if you admitted it?  Which movies on this list have you not seen but want to?    Which one is your favorite?  or top 3 if you can’t pick one?   

Happy Oscar Mania Week!



  1. My husband and I have a running inside joke that I only saw five movies before I met him in 1990…of course that is an exaggeration, but I’ve never been a real pop culture junkie. He, however, has greatly broadened my movie watching horizons in the last 17 years. The one movie that is part of the collective pop-culture for most of my generation that I hate to admit to never having seen is E.T.

    From the list above that I’ve never seen, but would like to “Schindler’s List.”

  2. Hi Bop! I LOVE it when you comment. 🙂

    Aw, I probably wouldn’t have seen E.T. if I had known what it was about… I went to see it totally blind to it, before the hype built up. But I loved it. 🙂

  3. I can’t believe it, but I’ve seen every one on your list, except for this year’s nominees.

    I hope you can get a copy of “The Last Emperor.” It’s beautiful. Really a great film, and the music is great too.

  4. I have to admit I am a “Lord of the Rings” fan;
    I also loved “Gladiator”. I loved “The Departed”. I also liked “Dances with Wolves”. I haven’t seen any of the movies up for this year.

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