My Take on “Oscar”

February 19, 2008

I love the Oscars.    But, I’m more of the type who WANTS to be obsessed about all things Oscar rather than one of those people who are successful at being Oscar-Obsessed. 

I will support and visit the websites of those successful types and my fave is Sasha at www.awardsdaily.com.   You can visit her site to see all the others.

I will not RANK and summarize my reviews of  movies as to who deserves the statue.   I’m in the camp that it is a thrill to be nominated.

Unfortunately, this year, I have not seen and will not get to see all the films that have received nominations.    This bums me out.    Clock is ticking to Sunday and I only have so many hours in a day, so many remaining days and must work around the schedule of my household.   Plus IDOL is on, too, and this conflict annoys me.    I would rather watch movies than watch American Idol but I’m still irked about this week and its limited hours.

My fault.  Oh well.   I have no idea why I needed to post about this.    Just frustrated a bit and didn’t want to mislead everyone with this week of movie reviews as to why I may not post a final HERE’S WHO SHOULD WIN post.     Okie dokie?   I’ll share favorites but usually don’t have an opinion about the grand finale.

The OSCAR NOMS, to me, are a sample list of movies that one should see in a given year.    And to BALANCE that statement, the movies that DON’T make the list but are brought up in argument to it, I have on my Not-Nom’d-Must-See list, so I DO enjoy the hubbub and controversy of AllThingsOscar.   The Oscars to me is a snapshot of “creative times” and not a final stamp of BESTNESS.    Debate all you want, I’ve got more flicks to go see.   



One comment

  1. One movie that a Salon reviewer included on his Top Ten, and won the BAFTA was “This Is England” available ‘watch It now’ and rentable on the netflix.

    I agree with you completely, a snapshot of what’s going on, but not the end all be all.

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