Gone Baby Gone

February 19, 2008

Gone Baby Gone has been very well received critically and commercially for new Director Ben Affleck.   Hub and I debated if this was his first direction attempt and according to imdb.com [internet movie data base – a must check resource for movies and actors], Ben also directed the fine (I can only assume fine) film “I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meat Hook, and Now I Have a Three-Picture Deal at Disney (1993)”   It was made 4 years before Good Will Hunting, which most people think of as the first breakthrough film for both Ben and his buddy Matt Damon.   GWH put them on the map, I would say.

Hub thought that Gone Baby Gone was Ben’s 3rd or 4th directed film but, in terms of scale and (again, I must assume) quality, GBG is considered BY ME his first.     and BRAVO Ben!    It’s good.    I’m not sure why Hub thinks Ben has more directorial experience; perhaps a favorable result of all the celebrity press over the years…

I’m no serious student of film, cinematography, camera angle, etc.  I only know what I like.    I do try to take all elements into consideration;   I sometimes close my eyes and really listen and feel the music – is it grand?   fit the mood?  distracting or enhancing?    That kind of stuff.      I think for a novice reviewer not trained in critical film assessment, all one can do is fall back on ‘Did I like it?’ and not really care to have to explain why.  

Probably the best way to know the good stuff is to watch horrible crap.    I always find it shockingly amazing when I come across bad acting.   It really highlights how truly difficult it must be to be a terrific actor!   Same thing with comedians.    Bad joke tellers (not tellers of bad jokes, if you understand) are painful to watch.     And bad acting acted by good actors is awesome!    [Think of Corbin Bernsen in Major Leagues when he is in the TV commercial  =  awesome.]

Anyway…   If you haven’t already figured it out,  I don’t want to review Gone Baby Gone.   and my point in the last couple of paragraphs is not to somehow lead you on to believe that GBG features any bad acting.  Far from it.  I’ve been rambling on hoping I can just avoid having to say more and if I keep yapping, maybe I’ll lose you and you won’t read on anyway.   Did that make any sense?   Casey Affleck was terrific.   Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman are veterans, of course, their performances were solid.    Amy Ryan has received the Oscar nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role.    Yes, she was good, too.

I just don’t want to discuss what this movie is about.    I really can’t provide the story line without giving it all away.    It’s disturbing because stories about kidnapped children are disturbing.    Challenges to the moral core?     Failures of understanding.    How can one attempt (or even WANT to attempt) to understand the mindwarp of criminals against children?    Against flawed human beings toward their own children?    How can you not sympathize with others who want to do right in a world that has crazy blurred lines of right and wrong.    WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?   in a world deprived of hope, can we / should we justify actions  ‘by any means possible’?   So, is Patrick the only guy with hope?   Is he a hero?

Did I enjoy this movie?   Yes.   Temper the word ‘enjoy’.   It did not bring me joy.    Was I impressed with this movie?   Yes.   Was it the best movie I’ve seen this year?   I don’t know, I don’t think so.    Simply, it was well done.

I cry knowing this is out there in our world today.   It’s very very sad.    I offer prayers for all scared and scarred, lonely, abused, and failed children the world over.

Sorry to be a downer.   


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