February 16, 2008

Is that supposed to be hyphenated? 

Non-Engaging:  A review of Pirates of the Caribbean #3



Hub and I watched this movie last night because he wasn’t in the mood for Away From Her (noms for Julie Christie Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role & Adapted Screenplay)nor Gone, Baby, Gone (nom for Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role)    It’s Friday night!  We wanted something FUN and entertaining!

So we chose Pirates!  Johnny Depp!   Geoffrey Rush!   Orlando Bloom!


The noms that this movie has for this year’s upcoming (8 days!!!) Oscars are:

Achievement in Makeup

Achievement in Visual Effects


I kept getting lost and when I figured it out, then Hub was lost.   I think you really need to have a fresh knowledge of what happened in Pirates TWO (which I didn’t, obviously.)    It was Hub who decided half way through that this movie was ‘nonengaging’.   I quote,

“I’m not engaged.”


We both fell asleep when (I think?) the creepy sea creature pirates boarded the good pirates ship and I really don’t care how it ended.    In fact, I put it in its Netflix sleeve and it’s in the mailbox right now.    Yes, the special effects were terrific and yes, there are many funny comic moments.

But, unfortunately, I have too many other movies to see in the next 8 days!   So back this goes, and I hope The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is in my mailbox MONDAY.    Either way, it will be an expensive week of PPVs!

I’ve got the Hub all warned that we will be watching Michael Clayton Tuesday night.   I might just go buy it at Target – I can’t wait to see it!



  1. Seriously C, I could just turn down the sound and stare at those gorgeous men on screen, and I’d be perfectly happy.

  2. Seriously Moonbeam, you bring up an EXCELLENT point.

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