Project Runway Almost Final (Episode 11)

February 14, 2008

 [for the record, Hub called me as soon as he found the love note in his lunch box.]

So, without further ado, I write up random thoughts on the Almost Last Episode of Project Runway:  “The (sort of) Selection of the Final Three Designers”.   With 5 remaining and 2 supposedly about to get the auf, we field trip one last time to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.     (For a long time, I thought the word ‘metropolitan’ only referred to ice cream.   Then, using Latin pieces and parts, I figured it out.     

The inspiration for the last 5 designers was ART.      {Know what they call a guy with no arms and no legs hanging on a wall?  Art.}     Of course, SHOCKER! Rami was inspired by the Grecian statues; the draping, OH GOD, YES!  the draping…   I did love his purple color but did NOT like the dress.    It didn’t move;  I thought she was flashing to the camera with every step.   

Did it seem to you like the models weren’t ‘ON’ for this challenge?    I don’t think they were too excited about their outfits.       And I miss Amanda – I loved her profile!  What a great nose she sported.

Sweet P chose to allude to a peacock.   In color only, not too much drama.   She was given compliments to her ability to design and construct dresses that are ‘wearable’ which isn’t the aim of this competition.   Nor, I understand, is it the aim of ‘FASHION.’      She was our Goodbye Girl this week.   She was still able to have a show at Bryant Park;   I assume that is to throw off the spoilers who are trying to figure out ‘who is showing at Bryant Park?!’ before this episode aired.

Christian is the winner!   He does have talent and I expect he will win.   He only received praise and more praise.    He is self-confident and unwavering.    I wish him well.

Jillian also had a great design and was happily sent off with Christian to celebrate Soon-Bryant-Park-Joy.     Her design was well-crafted, had little in common with the painting she chose as her inspiration, and she suffers from too big a bite in no time to finish but usually pulls it off.   Heidi had great compliments for her being this small quiet meek lady with a big punch!   Called her ‘ballsy’, I do believe.

Then what to do with Chris and Rami?    Make them do a collection but then review and pick one right before the final show.    Ugh.   I’m not sure I would have been pleased with that.     As a viewer and fan?  OK – whatever.   More suspense, more drama.

In fact, I bet Sweet P has a lot less stress and I hope she had fun with what she got to do!

So, as you can tell, I’m assuming if you read this that you either saw the episode or will hunt it down.   Go to Blogging Project Runway to get EVERYTHING…   They do a fab job of keeping us fans in the know and they deserve applause.     In fact, I heartily recommend MTV’s Jim Cantiello’s 60-second Recap.    You’ll find it on the link I just gave you…

So, off to shock the hot tub where I just might get some hot hot tub foreplay/luscious nookie/sex/whatever tonight if I don’t drink too much red wine.    I did a silly thing and bought a box boxwine.jpg instead of a regular size bottle. botwine.jpg  Could mean trouble.   Or should I take the time to post that photo someone requested for me in the new hideous awesome orange plaid pants capris?   

Yea, OK,  then here it is:




 I told you a little snug still…


Happy Valentines Day!   valday08.jpg Love & Kisses, Dog-O



  1. Okay, this might sound weird, but those pants actually look good on you.

    Is your dog wearing a shawl? It looks adorable.

  2. And oh wow, I love your new header!

  3. I LOVE the pants, love the header, and love the PR update!

  4. Nice! Love the pants! And I, too, love the new header!

  5. @Wendy, THX! Pup has bandana scarfs for most holidays. This one is the pink hearts one.

    @Moonbeam, THX! lovin’ it.

    @Lou/Linda, THX! I am attracted to your avatar… is it a mosaic of your own design? very nice.

  6. Girl..you make those pants look good!

    Remember Ringo (my guru dog) he thinks Dog-O looks good too. He said he is happy to see his people getting more blog time. 🙂

    Enjoy your long weekend!

    Good energy to you and yours.

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