Orange Plaid

February 11, 2008

Got home late last night but didn’t check the mailbox until just now…

I received a package from my mother-in-law.

No note.

Just these!


 100_5114.jpg  (wool blend?)

And here’s a photo from the late sixties…   Check out the cool slacks on the driver!  orangepants.jpg  I’m so tickled!   They fit;  but quite snug.     A few more days of eating salad and walking those 3+ miles, and I be stylin’!    She mentioned that she had found them…   In a last post, I mentioned the squealing with delight?    Yep.   But I didn’t think she’d send them!    And, it’s just TOO COOL that they (almost) fit!!   That’s my hub on the floor.   Before child restraints in automobiles…

I’m psyched!    Now, however…   WHERE am I going to wear these?!   



  1. Sir, I think your mother-in-law hates you! Wear those horrid pants only if you plan on some `70s role-playing with your wife, in the privacy of your home. 🙂

  2. I’m thinking that these should be your “autumn pants.” Perfect for Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Fall Festivals. And they’ll look great at the Old Blogger’s Home! With the hat and sweatshirt, of course.

  3. You could wear these to the Goodwill bin when you drop off all your other clothes so can wear only these 24/7.
    Tip: These pants would be great with some bright white tennis sneakers. 🙂

  4. @thcgirl – Um, I’m the wife! but I laughed at your comment! No, my mom-in-law loves me, yes she does… I’ll put you down for the vote “Only Wear On Halloween.” Thanks for playing!

    @Moonbeam, I like the Manic Panic Ultra Violet! http://www.beeunique.co.uk/purplepage1.htm

    @Wendy, You offer wise suggestions! Original keds with some spray glitter, perhaps?

  5. *C* when you tire of all the 50’s/60’s parties my 100 year old Grandma Bessie would love these. She will be 101 in June..they would be a nice present! 🙂

  6. Where will you wear them?

    Everywhere, darling, everywhere!

  7. @Gypsy-Heart, ‘tire’ of parties?! I dare so no! But I would love to be able to send a card to wish Gma Bessie a Big 101! That’s AWESOME!!

    @Fool, Fabulous dahlink! Thank you! I just might start wearing them today.

  8. I think you should post a photo of yourself wearing them – just to show you could get into them! And to give us a good laugh!!!

    @Lady – I promised my mom-in-law I would send a photo, so I might as well post it here, as well. But you can’t laugh!!! ‘”C”

  9. Ooooh…the Manic Panic site is amazing! Thanks for the link– do you think we need one of these hairstyles in the old bloggers home? I’m thinking mohawk now.

  10. Go for it Moonbeam! Mohawk would be fine. But maybe, instead of hats, we should have a variety of wigs to choose from – to fit our moods!

  11. we should have a variety of wigs to choose from – to fit our moods

    That means that I’d need about 740 wigs.

  12. If they aren’t capri length, they should be!

    I think they would be perfect to wear anywhere, but ESPECIALLY to wear while bowling…OR visiting Disneyland.

    (Thanks for dropping in on my blog and commenting!)

  13. I LOVE these pants! I am sure you can pull them off! I agree probably a fall pant though!!!

  14. Oh, sorry. I thought those were man-pants and my conclusion was that you were a man. 🙂 My bad.

    No problem! Thanks for stopping by! (and yes, the orange plaid is hideous – but in a GOOD way!)

  15. @Lou/Linda, Thanks! yes, they are crop pants with a slight flair. Bowling sounds like a fun idea…

    @Hallie – thanks! wool blend and orange does suggest a Fall debut but I won’t be able to wait that long.

    @Moonbeam – I’ve retyped all sorts of replies to the 740 wigs comment and nothin is making it to publish… sigh. You’re a trip.

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