February 6, 2008

Some of my favorite words:

                Gravel – I like how it sounds!  It rolls around in the mouth…


                Foreboding – I love it when words sound like their meaning



                Tsuris  – a Yiddish word for ‘aggravating trouble’…  (thanks Moonbeam!)



  1. I love favorite word lists! They’re like music– individual and personal and wonderful.

    Okay, here’s stickler me: It’s “Tsuris.” No “s” after the r.

    Don’t be mad– you know by now I can’t help it!

  2. Oh, and please feel free to delete my comment. Pleeeeease.

  3. Heyyyy…and I like your header!

  4. Thanks! I wondered abt incorrect spelling – I believe you ‘educated’ me about it on a previous post! and I didn’t go back to look = working without a net tonight, working from memory which is fallable. ANOTHER cool word! (prob’ly spelled wrong… doesn’t look right…) It was on the search terms somebody used to find my blog today! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!? spelled wrong way…

  5. So, no. won’t delete. not mad.

  6. On Bound and Gag’s blog, there’s someone that leaves comments under the name “A Pompous Know-it-All.” I should steal it. Or start using a secret name like “Miss Smarty Pants.”
    The only problem is, I screw up all the time.

  7. *grin* Oh, I love your “favorite words” idea. And my word of the day, thanks to you, is tsuris. I’m expecting some to come into town today 😉

    Thanks for being such a great support. I appreciate you and your blog.

  8. […] C over at Idea Jump made a list of some of her favorite words, and I’m stealing her […]

  9. Another great word is Scuba. I love the way it sounds. Also, thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I’ll do the same! You should’ve told me!

  10. @Fool – no problem! 🙂

    @Ron – hey! how are ya? Yes, Scuba IS a great word! I blogrolled you so I’d know to come back at spend more time! Sorry, I’m a little shy to comment… I was fascinated by your MLK post/s.

  11. Well, I’m glad someone liked them, besides myself and the Soulcial Media Project, who turned out to be a hell of a lot of fun in that comment thread. I’m sure I’ll be getting back on the Blaxploitation train before the month’s over.

    No need to be shy around me, though. I only embarass myself, not other people. 🙂

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