Project Runway – Lady Wrestlers!

February 6, 2008

OK – I soooo picked the winning tiers and the losing tiers tonight!   Hub is OOT  (Out of Town) and I had a beer.   a FEW beer(S).

And was so wise to remember that it was, again, a Project Runway night!   I did NOT remember that Wednesday is my day to water the houseplants, however.  oh well.

SO….    I loved Jillian’s!   Loved the Royal Blue!   LOVED the sportiness of it!   and agreed with the winning design for Chris.   Based on how much it fit not just physically but in style, too, and how much it was loved by the lady that was the inspiration.

I was worried about Sweet P.   and then….   NOT.   A gal with tattoos?!  not loving and embracing this challenge?!   Why that blows all preconceived notions about gals with tattoos enjoying a little wild-side.   Doesn’t IT!?!!?!!    This should have NOT been the stress test that she made it out to be.

                         [I’m sorry….  too many punctuations?]

SO….  again.   SO….   this is the beer talking…

Which, btw, I’m currently in love with Sam Adams WHITE, which requires a slice of lemon.  In a frosty mug.    AND also Guinness Extra Stout – low calories and yummy!

Where was I?   Drunken reviews of Project Runway, oh yes.

Rami’s pink disaster.  ugh.    If you didn’t know before, you could have picked it was his.

AND?!   How cute were the guest judges?  (Maybe ‘cute’ isn’t the correct word here…)    Another terrific reminder that success and what you really want to do is not at all worthy of considering what other’s think of you.  And I mean that in a good way.   Glitter!  Makes me smile.

Well.   That about covers this episode.

G’nite.  kite32.jpg



  1. I’m not going to blatantly tell you to ready my post from today, but… read it. Must say – so thrilled that Ricky the Cry-Baby is gone.

    Cheers to Sam White! I’m having one right now! Been drinking them all week (not constantly…just in the evenings).

    Hi Elizabeth! Yes! wandered over last night (don’t remember when if I left a comment… so now I have to go back and say something (again?!) I don’t share your enthusiasm for Christian but he IS entertaining.

  2. OMG can i tell you how disappointed i was to see that Ricky did NOT CRY!! I too am glad he is gone!!

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