Soup and Yesterday’s Bowl

February 4, 2008

[Ed. note:  I turned visual editor back on and fixed the linking…   whatever.] 

As you all know (or not, if you’re new here?!), my Hub is a chef. Not really, but he treats me right in the category of FOOD. Let’s call him ‘good cook’. Chef is not quite an accurate description.

If the rumors are true that there really is a handbook for husbands, mine would score high on the chapter called, ‘KEEP THE WIFE WELL-FED WITH TASTY TEMPTATIONS’.

The Super Bowl is a holiday to us and we go full throttle on our unique twist to make it special. We make soup. We pick soups that represent the regions where the teams are from. I had written a post awhile ago asking for suggestions but was actually a little disappointed with my readers. But that’s OK. If this was a food blog, I’m sure I would have had a few more soup ideas; really, don’t get down on yourself about this.

Anyway, Hub really searched and queried. Queried and searched all over the internet and constantly harrassed me with ‘give me some input!’ remarks and scheduled sit down meetings to discuss which recipes would be best. It got on my nerves…

He ended up making 3 soups. He wanted to have a back up; just in case. He was quite ridiculous, really.

He ended up making (and altering!!) the following: If want to see specifics, click to your heart’s content.

The WINNER by my standards and the soup we DIDN’T take to the party was New York Cupboard Soup. This called for canned goodies for almost every ingredient and we substituted fresh or frozen or true, where we could which was everything BUT the black beans…

To represent New York:   Manhattan Supper Soup.   

To represent New England, we chose a Clam Chowder and added shrimp and scallops.  The party – which ended badly due to Eli’s last pass to Burress – had SO MUCH FOOD! It was amazing. I was a good girl and only sampled a few things and only drank 3 beers. Which considering I was there for 6 hours, is remarkable!


Memorable NOTES from the event:

My favorite commercial was the Budweiser one where the Dalmatian helped train a Clydesdale to the Rocky theme. Almost brought tears to the eyes.

I think Brady got sacked more last night than in the entire season. Eli looked good.

Jordan Sparks did a fabulous job on the National Anthem!

Tom Petty was well-received. Questions like ‘what year was that song?’ sparked much debate and discussion about what album, how old is Tom. who were original bandmembers, blah blah blah. It was quite funny. The whole discussion of ‘remember this happened when that song was on the radio, etc. provoked excited arguments involving the whole group! I think about 20 – 25 people were there…

As soon as the game was over, it was quiet and sad and somber. Too many emotions attached to the silly game of football, I have to say. But what really made me ponder our sports fanatics in America, was how many sirens we heard when we left the house to go drive home. Please, don’t let those policemen/firemen/whoever, be going to scenes of carnage based on the fact that the Patriots lost!? My first thought was that brutes were beating up their wives because ‘our team lost’. So sad.

OK – Happy Happy! got to get back to the HAPPY! and now that football season is over, please don’t let me hear more than 30 minutes of blubbering and boo hooing over it all. Let’s think FORWARD to the next holiday:

♥ Valentines Day! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(I turned off my wordpress editor based on some blog I read about how openended I am to having my blog hijacked and clicked off stuff to make it secure? and now I don’t know how to type and fix anything and even add links. Please someone (Wendy!?) tell me how to make it pretty again and yet keep it secure? Just remember: we don’t know what we don’t know!)



  1. I can’t even discuss the Super Bowl. I’m too devastated and have vowed to never speak of it again.

    I don’t know how to fix your blog problem without removing all the secure things you’ve clicked off. Were you having a problem with hijacking?
    A few of us are using Windows Live Writerto write and post our blogs. It’s a free program that allows a lot of freedom for editing and using different fonts, inserting photos and links, etc. It will insert Technorati tags and categories, too.

  2. I left a message about the super bowl under your hearts post by mistake. You’ll have to read it there.

  3. @Wendy, thanks! and I vow never again to bring up that other thing which shall no longer be spoken of.

    I will definitely check out the Live Writer and send myself back to blogging class 101.

    @Joan! Thanks!

  4. Is there really a blogging class 101? ‘Cuz I’d like to take it.

  5. No – just me trying to read to the end on some of the ‘how to’ blogs that are out there!! or… MAYBE?!

  6. Thanks for the Superbowl recap. I slept through most of it. The NY Cupboard Soup recipe is something I’ll have to try- it looks yummy.

    Team sports makes me sad sometimes, but otherwise I’m detached. I agree with you about the misplaced emotions– I’ve seen people just ready to beat the crap out of each other– over a football game! It’s a fascinating study of human behavior.

    You guys have convinced me to sign up for Live Writer. I just downloaded it. Hope my brain doesn’t explode!

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