Eastern Promises

February 2, 2008

epmovie.jpg With grand ambition to see all the movies that have been nominated for an Academy Award but with little motivation to travel to far away theatres to actually SEE any of these movies AND only now getting started… let’s just say, ambition and results will likely not meet. Not even in the middle, half way; only a tiny few.

                  I’m dependent on Netflix to see what I can do!

Viggo Mortenson has been nominated in the Best Actor category for his role Eastern Promises. He plays a Russian gangster in London. I enjoyed his performance; his casual toughness and yet the kindness in his eyes.

I’m just the driver.

I was particularly impressed with the accents – Naomi Watts did a very credible job and gave a subtle performance as the midwife who attempts to locate the family of a young girl who died while giving birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl.    Anna is of Russian descent but does not speak the language.   She finds a diary in the bag of the pregnant girl, also Russian, and thus begins her mission to make sense of this tragedy by asking some questionable characters to help her translate.

Is she fortunate for her to have Viggo on her side?  or…   IS he on ‘her’ side?! 

The story was not as strong as I would hope; the graphic violence content is high.    A good movie but not a great one. 

I was lucky enough to wake up this morning with vague memory of a steamy dream in which Viggo played a starring role.   OOOooo la la!   

Up next:   Ratatouille!



  1. Your so good to see these movies, so you actually know what they’re talking about with Oscar. I just finally got around to watching American Psycho … yesterday. I wish there were more “In Theaters Now” offerings on pay-per-view. I’d see them all if I didn’t have to go find them.

  2. You’re. As in “You’re so good…” I get tired at night and my brain doesn’t work. I shouldn’t be allowed to type after 8 PM, much less drive to a movie.

  3. I don’t see a lot of movies, but I just saw Ratatouillie (that I can’t spell) just a couple of weeks ago.

    I LOVED it. Because it was animated (and therefore clearly not real, if that makes sense?) I could let go of the need for things to be logical and all that jazz, and absolutely fell in love with this movie. I think it’s a GREAT movie for kids and adults.

    As long as you can get past the rats in the kitchen thing. 😉

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  4. Isn’t Netfix great?! Gift subscription from daughter. Just saw The Squid and the Whale. Eh. And Superbad. It wasn’t super good. Next up, Borat.

  5. I’ve seen Eastern Promises, and I know what you mean; I really was waiting for more of the plot to develop, but it never did; I’m a pretty big gangster-movie fan so I liked the violence, and Viggo was pretty great 😉

    Look forward to your take on Ratatouille 😉

  6. i am way behind on movies so i will be paying attention!
    Good energy to you!

  7. @Wendy, that’s OK! I didn’t even notice the your vs you’re until you said something!

    I haven’t seen Am Psycho – was it good?

    @Fool, I have been looking forward to this Rat in the Kitchen movie since I first heard about it and think it’s weird that I really do’nt know anyone who has seen it! Considering how many little kids are in my neighborhood, and all…

    @David, yes, I love Netflix. Want to be in my ‘community’? I bet your list is quirky. I have about 200 in my queue and re-arrange it all the time.

    @Romi, I, too love the gangster movies – heck I like most movies. Have you seen Payback with Mel Gibson? an all-time fave gangster flick.

    @Gypsy♥, Thanks for the good energy! Have you seen WhatTheBleepDoWeKnow? I bet you’d like it.

  8. I’m doing the same thing, trying to watch all the noms. I agreed with you abt Eastern Promises. The “twists” weren’t too hard to see coming but I did think Viggo deserved the nom!

  9. Hi Lizagator! I just had to google to find your blog but WOW! the recipes look awesome. and I see you have a sense of humor. I’ll be back to read more soon. (Oh – this isn’t linking – check your profile to see if the website box is empty?)

  10. it’s a bit of a mess, movie reviews and recipes but the main one is mostly silly funny posts to keep you entertained. (I just stumbled upon you today and also love you project runway recap) I’ll be droppin in on you in future!

  11. Yea! it works! cool…

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