Be Glad

January 31, 2008

This past summer, the group I ‘hang’ with was discussing a quote that puts it all in perspective.  [maybe]   This quote was ooeh & ahed over and I even wrote it down in my Palm to make sure I remembered it…     I do not know what the situation was that inspired the reciter of this quote to hold it in such esteem, but we all agreed – it’s a great quote to apply to most anything:

Don’t be sad that it is over;

Be glad that it happened.

I’ve been skipping through the blogosphere, checking in on my favorites and jumping from comments to new and unknown blogs.   I have been lurking.   Sometimes, I attempt a comment and than highlight –>  backspace, delete.   I slink off to elsewhereville.

I saw videos of Drunk History (hilarious!  go youtube/search it, I’m not sure where I was…)   I read a dear john letter from a stripper, I chuckled at a bunch of stuff, I welled up with joy for someone experiencing a new beginning, I commisserate with a blog-friend who has many a challenge and am inspired by the wisdom evident in her writing as she outlines her approach.   I was dumbfounded by an example of mean-spiritedness in blogworld where somebody insulted another blogger which sparked quite ripple effect ballyhoo.   I learned more about the political process, explored possibilities of a Perfect Patriot season, and I contemplated child-rearing frustrations. 

AND I cried when I read about a shocker of a suicide.

The thoughts expressed in a subsequent post – same blog – about what to say at the funeral to friends of the person who committed the suicide triggered the memory of the quote above.

Maybe it is too simplistic.   Perhaps, it’s a quip that invalidates the grieving process.    [and I don’t mean to be ‘glad’ of suicide; more of a consideration to celebrate the life that was lived.   something like that.]   Platitudes…   Cheer up!   Don’t worry, be happy!   Smile!!   

I believe the simple is the best.    I have few words today.  In comments, I mean.   I don’t know what to write.    Be assured, I’ve been following you (if you’re wondering where I’ve been….)    I want to say ditto to all the fabulous comments to all the terrific posts and all the brave admissions and even the random whatevers;  I echo the positive sentiments.   

Rock on.    

 kite3.jpg  Be glad.



  1. What i learned is i need to get out in blog land more..hee, hee. How did you find these places?
    You know i’ve felt the same about commenting..sometimes i just don’t know what to say, and others can say it so much better. Sometimes I just want to look and not “talk”.
    Thank you for sharing the quote..I loved it!

  2. Blogging is a highly enriching experience. I have also been through what you highlighted here. Cheers to all bloggers out there.

    Thanks Leafless! Cheers to you.

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