Boring Stuff

January 27, 2008

Just wanted to post something…

We bought a new digital camera yesterday and the hub is busy cleaning it (we bargained for the show model) and reading up on how to take the photos.   I will wait him out and then grab it and start taking shots of the poor puppy.

It’s snowing today.   That really fine stuff.     The trees and houses all have that look of a powdered sugar dusting.     New England with snow is amazingly beautiful.   Snow was pretty back in the midwest, too, I guess, but since we didn’t have too many pine trees so tall and abundant, I don’t recall the snow-on-every-branch effect that we get here.   Breath-taking.

It’s laundry and laziness, no football (it will all be over next Sunday.)kite32.jpg



  1. A new digital camera? Perhaps you’d like to join in on next week’s Photo Friday – the title is “Siesta”?

    Even puppy takes a nap sometimes!

  2. OOo! Yes, I should know what I’m doing with it by then. I hope. It’s a lot more complicated than I wanted but… it was on sale. sigh… Siesta!

  3. A new camera! What fun. I can’t wait to see the photos you take. I got a new camera for Christmas, and the book is terrifying.

  4. I am already depressed that the football will be over by next Sunday.
    What the hell am I supposed to do for the next however many Sundays???

  5. Now I understand the photos of the plant and the pup.

    Laundry, laziness and snow sounds like a great combination!

  6. I am thinking of throwing a party once football is finally over; oh how I despise ever second that’s on TV…*shudder…

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