Last Night’s Class

January 25, 2008

Last night, a friend and I enjoyed a class brought to us by the area’s community learning center.   The class was advertised as being based on the book “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn and promised to go beyond where “The Secret” left off.

I have not read Ms. Grabhorn’s book.  I have not read The Secret nor seen the movie.   I did see one of the Oprah episodes that discussed it and I have read numerous pro & con opinion articles.   I own the Hicks book with LOA in the title but have yet to even open it.  I have seen movie What the Bleep Do We Know and found it the most fascinating of all; probably the science of it.

The Law of Attraction.     A law similar to the same fact-based law-ness (I know, but I love adding ‘ness’ to words!) as the Law of Gravity.   Probably like Murphy’s Law, too.   I am not meaning to dispute or prove LOA.   Personally, I believe it – which also runs counter to it being a ‘law’; it either is or is not without my ‘believing’ in it one way or the other.     Apples don’t fall from the tree depending on my believing in gravity or not.

My own person experience has proven this law both positively and negatively.   I, however, do not have a 24-7 consciousness of its application in influencing my life nor have I ever stated this to be a goal of mine.   I just find it fascinating.

My friend, an extremely bright friend whom I admire greatly, knew next to nothing about LOA, the Secret, etc. until we discussed this class and decided to sign up for it.    [Funny how people can be up on some topics and so out of the loop on others, isn’t it?  Anyway…]  

The logical judging side of my personality found the class and the presenter woefully lacking.   Misspelled words.   egad.    Misspelled words and what THAT means as a representative of quality?!   Frowns of disapproval.   I was even harsh in my assessment to the physical being and how this physical being was dressed and groomed.   Sad indeed.  

However.    My gentle fun-loving WTH side of me rolled with it and happily engaged in the connections presented.

Only 4 people attended the class.   I found myself taking notes and writing EVERYTHING down just to keep my thoughts on NOT-JUDGING.   The presenter jumped right in, was extremely enthusiastic and admitted times of personally needing better attention to this topic.     Which was good since I had almost started writing down every time I heard “It’s hard to believe…”    um.     What are we supposed to be learning here?

Wierd fact #1:    One of the participants was ALSO in my Adult Lit Training from Tuesday!!   What does THAT mean?   (and do I really want to know?)

Wierd fact #2:   One of the participants admitted that LOA has worked for her in an amazing case.  (We hung on every word!)   She had meditated for 2 weeks that her broken down truck would somehow become a brand new one and THEN!!!!

BAM!!!   Her father bought her a truck.  Out of the blue.   Mean old bastard, too, from what she was saying.     and he never knew she had been ‘concentrating’ on receiving a new truck!

I loved it!   Truly, truly!   I am sincerely thrilled for her.    [Realize if you don’t already know….   LOA says there is no such thing as luck and no such thing as coincidence.   Only like energy attracting like energy.   I failed to mention that earlier, didn’t I?  oh well.  That’s the gist of LOA.]

Quick Nuggets from my notes:

We are born creators.

Needs are fear-based; desire is from excitement.

The KEY to having whatever you most desire is finding a way to feel GOOD about it.

Joy radiates.

The universe ALWAYS delivers.

Expect what I want to happen to happen.

I have to know what I have to know.

How you spend your days is how you spend your life.

First and foremost, be happy.

Great stuff, huh?!    It surely did take me back to my rah-rah “BEE POSITIVE” days in Mary Kay…    Good times, mostly.     And, again, it brought me back to those thoughts of

“Hrmph.   If she can do that, I can do that.”

But…. do I WANT to do that?   That always seems to be the question.

In the end, the class was a fun way to spend an evening.    My friend and I are thinking about re-dedicating ourselves to the book club idea (not self-help books!!) and I did spend positive thinking time feeling extremely appreciative of the life I am currently enjoying.

Now, I just need to send those happy energy vibes out into the universe so it can deliver lots and lots of cash to me in a fun and frequent manner with no-attachments what-so-ever.   



  1. I wanna believe in the law of attraction, but I’m just too darned skeptical. Fascinating though!

    C, I really love reading all of this stuff you’re doing. It’s like watching you enter a new phase, and it’s exciting! Happy for you.

  2. Dunno about the LOA, but of Murphy’s Law I know plenty! In fact, after I got done inventing the jelly bean and the internet, I was Murphy’s lawyer! (Nobody ever laughs at that one!) Murphy was in a lot of trouble back then- young, stupid, and wreckless he was …

    Anyway C this was a fun post to read and I applaud your quest to learn more stuff. It’s an admirable task. I liked your notes from the class too. May I comment on some of them? Thank you, and don’t worry, it won’t count toward your final grade.

    Needs are fear-based; desire is from excitement. –It’s also been said that desire is a source of suffering

    Joy radiates. –So does pain. Not being gloomy, it’s just a physical phenomenon.

    The universe ALWAYS delivers. –Don’t you sometimes wish that the universe would just KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF!?

    Expect what I want to happen to happen. –I want to win the megabucks. Soon I will.

    I have to know what I have to know. –Um. OK. Me too!

    First and foremost, be happy. –Please pass the Prozac.

    That last one I really do believe, and I credit my mom for showing me how to do it. Too many of us get all twisted up in what others say about, think of, do to, and do with us. Cut same slack for others as one wants cut for oneself! That would be full slack.

  3. Great post C!
    Well, I am almost afraid to admit that I do believe in LOA. Oh what the hell…you already know I’m crazy from my blog.
    Here is just one example in my own family. We have a couple in the family that hate and are prejudiced against just about everything! They bought a house only to discover that EVERYTHING they hate surrounds their house..and they can’t sell the house. They run from window to window consumed with what goes on day and night. ‘Tis like a circle of negative engergy pulling them down into a black hole. hee, hee.
    You know my heart spider web story..so just in case I am not totally insane I’ll light a candle for you darling one!:)

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