Project Blahway

January 24, 2008

Missed my reviews, have ya?   Well,   I will attempt to recap Episode 8 AND Episode 9 for the 3 of you who might remember that I watch this show and enjoy yapping about it.    (That would be Hallie, Vermonter, and YOU.)

I plan on few words for Episode 8.   Planning and executing have a tendency to not be related so bear with me!     Few words —>   I fell asleep watching this and missed the first 15 minutes.    I haven’t even bothered to go catch what I missed from my DVR.   What does THAT tell you?    OK, and my final reaction is:   WAH!  BOO HOO!  I miss KIT already!  WHY oh why was she the one to get the boot!  I’m sad.     [55 words.]

Now, I will attempt more words to recap Episode 9.   It’s fresh in my mind!   I was able to walk 3.5 miles during the less than one hour (I speed-zapped through commercials!)

I even had an idea to take notes but…. nah.    I don’t know, for some reason, this season isn’t exhilerating me like last year… sigh.

I was disappointed with the results;  I didn’t have a favorite design with the denim!   However, at the start, once the challenge was explained, I was hoping for a great show on style, execution and originality.   This use of denim promised wonderful possibilities for an even playing field and super opportunities for us to REALLY see what these designers can do!      

But, I wasn’t thrilled.   And at this point in the game, I can sense my own prejudices against certain designers just because I don’t like them.   Eeek – that’s NOT being fair.  I am bored with Rami and didn’t like how he treated Sweet P in Ep 8 so I didn’t want to like his design in Ep 9.   But I did – it was OK.  In fact, I was somewhat amazed that he was able to drape it at the collar just to get in some of his trademark moves!    

I was SO rooting for Sweet P and was worried about the mis-match of the dark patches to light but it ended up working out well and balanced.   Again, the design was alright but not thrilling.  

Chris’ dress… again – it was OK.    And as for the winner, Ricky:  STOP CRYING!    He deserved the win; it was my favorite IF I had to pick one.   (Did anyone notice the comment that his model looked like Any Winehouse?   I can’t get that Rehab song out of my head…) 

Finally, the two coats by Jillian and Victorya were both a mess.   And I agreed with the AUF, but I could be influenced by my wish to see that result happen!   Jillians tried to do TOO MUCH!   and Victorya’s didn’t look like she did much at all.   I don’t like Victorya and have been rooting for Jill since the beginning of the season.

Oh, I can’t help wondering what glorious art could have been executed by Kit if she was still on the show!    So sad;  she’s missed.

Oops – I haven’t mentioned Christian.   He IS ‘fierce’, he is talented, he is fun to make fun of…    He DID create something extreme, unique, and evident of his skills.   But I didn’t ‘like’ it.   so there.

[wow, long post…]

Did anyone else catch a comment by Michael Kors about something being ‘John Cusack from Working Girl’?    I surely didn’t hear that right, did I?    OH… JOAN Cusack.  Ok, nevermind.   Makes sense now!  

OK – back to work (gathering receipts into excel for the tax man….)


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  1. I LOVE Project Runway! I fell asleep last night so it is nice to have a recap here! Yeah and someone mentioned me!! I now cannot wait to watch this one!!

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