I Missed Pie Day

January 24, 2008

Horrors upon horrors!   I missed National Pie Day.     It was yesterday.

pieday.jpg   Yesterday, I did not make a pie.   I did not share a pie.  I did not know about the pieness of the day! 

I vow to remember this holy day NEXT YEAR, God willing.

Now, I’m curious….   So what is TODAY?!    Well, according to the Brownie Locks website for January, today, Thursday, January 24th is 

Belly Laugh Day

National Compliment Day

Women’s Healthy Weight in Blue Jeans Day


Tomorrow, will be National Seed Swap Day.   So to the first person who has some seeds to swap, I offer up some Zinnias!  100_4296.jpg

and I’ll end this post with a compliment.   A compliment to YOU, Dear Reader.   Thank you for stopping by and reading this.   You are beautiful to me.



  1. Hello “C” how ironic that you mentioned flower seeds…must be something about the “seed” word today..eh?
    I loved your post and your style of writing! Seems I had lost you somehow..not again though I am putting you on my blog roll so I can just scoot right over here. 🙂

  2. HOW DID I MISS A DAY DEDICATED TO PIE???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nooooooooooo 😦

  3. Yes, Gypsy-Heart! It’s also strange that I had to go find you today when I realized I didn’t have you in my blogroll! fixed that. 🙂

    Romi! I promise to make you a pie on National Pie Day NEXT year…

  4. Did you make that pi pie? If not, you should make one like that, it’s so beautiful. I wish I could swap seeds with you! Zinnias would die here, though, and I can’t bear the thought of that happening.

  5. Pie Day? OMG!! I love pumpkin pie. how did i ever miss this day? next year!

  6. I MISSED PIE DAY?!?!?!
    I don’t know if I can go on. I probably would have been better never knowing.
    I have to go give myself 40 lashes or something.

  7. I’ve been on a diet since birth, but if I *knew* it was National Pie Day, I would have celebrated in style.


    Is there a National Cupcake Day?

  8. @Wendy, nope – I did not make the pi pie; found the image at google… My edges never look that neat but it IS a great idea… what would be inside? 314 blueberries?, 3.14 huge Asian Pears? Hmmm..

    @Everyone! Perhaps next year we should meet up and share a pie at some diner somewhere?

    @Beth: Yes, National Cupcake Day is Dec 15. That is a long time to wait! For the life of me I can’t figure out where my muffin tins disappeared to… I attempted pancakes out of blueberry muffin mix for breakfast this morning – didn’t work so well and they were WAY too sweet.

  9. OK, I can’t eat pie, maybe broccoli pie without crust. But I missed Women’s Healthy Weight in Blue Jeans Day? I live in jeans. I don’t own any other pants or skirts or dresses for that matter. I own one pair of black pants that I wore to my daughter’s wedding with a dressy top. Now they are my orthopedist pants. Because I can lift them up past my knees to get my Gel shots. I can’t do that with jeans. And I won’t wear one of those backless johnnies. EVER.

  10. CuriousC, as I’m sure you know, every day is a holiday. Us modern folk are so smart and free that we can declare holidays at will!

    I love that pic of the pie with the 3.14159265358979… on it!!

    joan- I LOVE crustless broccoli pie!

    Did you know that …

    You can actually make a safe crust for any crustless pie out of wheat bran and water! But remember, this crust takes about a week to fully harden and anyone you feed it to will probably pull some odd facial expression for a few minutes until their jaw muscles are warmed up. You can also substitute a couple tablespoons of fat-free lard for the nothing. Not that it helps, but some people think its impossible to make a decent pie crust without lard.

    So now you know!

  11. @Joan, actually, I combined Women’s Healthy Weight Day and Blue Jean Day into one day. Seemed like the thing to do at the time.

    @David, Now we know! Thanks, 🙂

  12. […] PI Day! Posted by CuriousC under Life, Liveliness, Misc | Tags: PI Day |   OK, I missed P-I-E Day but I’ll be darned if I’ll miss PI day!     […]

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