Souper Bowl

January 21, 2008

My hub and I have a Super Bowl

 football.jpg tradition to make SOUP to celebrate the Super Bowl.   Not just any soup – these soups must represent the teams that are playing in that year’s ultimate of football contests.

So, with New England tripping along on this fantastically PERFECT unprecedented record-breaking season, we of course could choose CLAM CHOWDAH.    New England Clam Chowder, white, cream based with potatoes… necc2.jpg

But…    Perhaps we should shake it up a little and defy the tradition of marrying New England with Clam Chowder.    Perhaps, we could take advantage of the Portuguese tradition in this area and go with KALE SOUP with Linguica!   

Or….    Hub was thinking maybe we could find a good recipe for a COD soup of some kind?

Alright already.

I’m sad that Green Bay lost to the Giants.  My TASTE BUDS are most sad.   I was REALLY wanting to make the Pace Cookbook’s Spicy Potato CHEESE Soup and add Johnsonville Brats!   I’ll have to make it anyway, another time.

New York Giants:     One obvious choice to go up against the New England Version would be the MANHATTAN Style Clam Chowder!  mhcc.jpg


Hub also suggests a Garden Vegetable Soup gvsoup.jpg to represent the Garden State of New Jersey (since that’s is truly where the Giants play.)    

Dear Readers, your turn!   Any suggestions would be most appreciated!  



  1. Hi! The tradition in my household was to serve homemade chili during Super Bowl. Chili goes great with all of the other types of munchies that you serve. Also, I’d make a lucious desert to follow the chili.

  2. Thanks maggieland! and there are a LOT of varietis of chili, too. (hey – where’s your blog again?)

  3. Since New Jersey is also known as the toll booth state, how about some Toll House cookies?

  4. If you could somehow blend Manhattan style and New England style clam chowder into one fabulous soup, you would be made for life! Alas, it seems impossible, doesn’t it?

  5. I love a good Clam Chowdah. Of course living on the Cape I should love it. I’ve never made it though and now on weight watcher’s I doubt that I will. But I miss it. I like the kind that is really thick.

    The last super bowl we had here, I made baked ziti. I found the best recipe ever on allrecipes.com. Everyone went crazy for it. I can’t eat that either now. It had three kinds of cheese and sour cream.

    I can eat low fat popcorn. Woo Hoo!!! Oh, and a high fiber Vitamuffin, Yay!!

  6. @Sue Ann, great idea! Toll House cookies… Are there really that many tolls? My only time in NJ was a plane change at Newark…

    @David, Hmmm – a creamy tomatoey clam soup? SOund possible. Hub has pulled a ton of interesting recipes off the ‘net for us to consider: borscht!? NY Cupboard Soup? It’s a fun time of year…

    @Joan, oh I feel for you. I know reading through recipe makeovers where they try to unfatten something – never sounds as good! lowfat popcorn is awesome! 🙂 and you can be proud of yourself for working so hard at your goals and enjoy the successes!

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