January 19, 2008

How come I can think up all sorts of topics to blog about and yet these ideas vanish when I sit down to type?

Good thing I have blogging-buddies to tag me…   Elizabeth at “Wearing Stilettos and Living On A Farm” has requested I share my FAVORITEs, my ‘reliables’, my MUST-HAVES-cuz they never let me down…  Fail safe.   Dependable.   Rock Solid.

I really have to think about this!   Hmmm, let’s see.

1.   My husband…   He’s the best.   My bff; my knight in shining wonder.    He promised me “never a dull moment, Babe” and he has continued to continue.   kisa.jpg

2.  Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream.   The MK Pink Stuff is terrific.   Actually, I’m very loyal to the entire line and have a difficult time picking out my favorites.

3.  Mashed Potatoes.   I am still teased for my obsession with smashed potatoes as a kid.    The only way we ever had leftover potatoes at Thanksgiving was when Mom promised to make Mashed Potatoes pancakes for breakfast the next day.    If she wouldn’t commit, I’d devour the rest of the bowl.   

4.  I have a crazy crazy faux fur animal print fauxfur.jpg swing coat that was a prize way back in the day when I was a hard-working Mary Kay-er, it’s the WARMEST coat ever.   and I love to get all funky in it…   I remember wearing it to a KC Chiefs game late in the season; had a very sweet hat to coordinate – I was ‘stylin‘…     People laugh at me but I don’t care.

5.  I’m mentally touring through my kitchen looking at the appliances, now my closet…  my whole house looking for other stuff but I’m actually thinking I should fix to get started to try and attempt to develop an attitude of detachment.   (ha!)

Really, I have been in that place where I just up and left a life to chase another…   I don’t need stuff.   I just need a safe place to land.   This exercise has reinforced my attitude and appreciation for the blessings I do enjoy.

Which reminds me!    I received a packet of affirmations (printed on envelopes encouraging me to send back cash to the giving organization, ahem)  and they were beautiful!  I share one to end this post:

I am blessed in many ways, and I am a blessing in many ways.  kite32.jpg



  1. hi,
    finding a topic for blogging is the toughest of everything.it’s with everyone ….cool

  2. oooo….mashed potato pancakes. yum. Potato pancakes in general. I love ’em!!!

  3. I hate writer’s block. But everyone faces the same problem. 🙂

  4. The potato is my favorite food. I don’t care how you cook it, I will eat it. I have a whole cookbook on cooking potatoes.

    My favorites, reliable, etc.

    My daughter and my sister–I don’t need anything else. When I had to close my store and couldn’t afford my house, they came through. If my daughter hadn’t moved in with me, my sister’s husband was going to let me have his bedroom and he’d sleep on the couch if I had to give up my house.

    With family like that, I don’t need anything else.

    As far as topics, I still have a few more stories up my sleeve and then I can’t imagine what I’ll write about.

  5. Must haves…how interesting!

    I was writing you the War and Peace of comments here, but you’ve got me thinking about this so much that I may just write a post on it. If I don’t forget!

    Don’t forget MB! SO, do you type comments, delete. retype comments, delete. think about it, give up, TOO?!?! Me, too… “C”

  6. “I have been in that place where I just up and left a life to chase another… I don’t need stuff. I just need a safe place to land”

    I just love you quote above. I am still reasonably surounded by possessions but frequently think they are a burden. As I get older I buy less and less (with the exception of books) and become more and more minmalistic (donating items to charity etc).

    No possessions = freedom.

    Your comment above has inspired me to write a post on the subject – thank you.

    Hi Lady Luck! Glad to spark some thoughts! Thank YOU, “C”

  7. […] rolling stone gathers no moss? I was reading a blogging friends post entitled Reliables and something she said stirred me: “I have been in that place where I just up and left a life to […]

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