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January 16, 2008

I get ridiculed and chastised by a certain friend who keeps telling me to

“Get out of the house and quit blogging!   You live in a THREE dimensional world – STOP spending all your time sitting your fat ass in front of the computer!”

I was given advice from my former employer that I must pay attention not to get sucked into ‘playing on the internet’;   I should get ‘out there’ – be sure to interact with real humans every so often.

Perhaps this is similar to parents who yell at kids to quit hiding in books,


Perhaps that doesn’t happen anymore; the books, I mean.    Children are so ‘scheduled’ nowadays…

And, yet, I truly believe this blogland thing is becoming an amazing experience.   Sure, I’m addicted.   I do spend too much time at the PC to the detriment of other lofty goals and necessary, but not urgent, to do lists.  

I feel closer and have more frequent communication with STRANGERS! than I do my best IRL – in real life – friends, certainly family.

Golly, I’ve gotten packages in the mail, letters and cards, emails and text messages from people I have never met!        and yet, I haven’t spoken since Christmas Eve to the friend who had us over f0r Thanksgiving Dinner.   I don’t want to call her;  she is so busy.

And me?  I’m the anti-busy…

But my point is…   What is my point?   That I do believe this blogosphere has 3-dimensions.    I have been touched and moved and poked and provoked by posts and have left so many ROFL comments, it’s crazy!   Rolling on the floor laughing and trying not to pee my pants LAUGHING is a 3-dimensional activity.

And…   I have read posts that have brought tears to my eyes.    I’ve typed and retyped and deleted and re-typed again a comment  – – I just want the the poster to KNOW I was there.    But I don’t know what to say!    I don’t type anything.   I consider sending a note offline – but still can’t find the right words.   Maybe later.

So, I’m here in the safety of my own post walls, hoping that my blogfriend meanders over and yet part hopes she won’t.   I’m such a self-absorbed idiot, afterall.    I can so get lost in my own head with self-absorbed vapidity and senselessness.   I’m still thinking of what to say and would rather the activity of typing these words will bubble up something meaningful.    MEANINGFUL.  

So I dedicate this post to the craziness and wonder of this blogging adventure.   Why we do it and why we ‘get’ it.     To thank you all who leave comments and thank those who don’t.     For I feel the energy.    Sometimes it even frightens me and brings out some lower qualities (envy, anyone?)    YET…  I seek it out – that GOOD energy and continue to seek for that goodness, if I can.

Hugs,   kite32.jpg


PS.  You didn’t REALLY want me to review American Idol last night, did you!?



  1. What a beautiful post. I feel the same way, C. It’s weird, because at first, I’d joke with Tom about my “pretend friends,” but I’ve come to feel that these blog friendships are every bit as warm and wonderful as my friendships out in the “real world.” I just wish that you could come over for coffee now and then. I’d say “wine,” but you’d fall down, and that would be bad. 🙂

  2. Yep. Me too. It’s OK for my wife to sit and knit and “watch tv” but if I have my laptop and am “watching tv” she doesn’t like it. She has a blog now and is slowly coming around!
    I like the term blog buddies, that’s the way I feel about many of them.

    (here by cruising WordPress tag: blogging)

  3. I blog therefore I am.

  4. I am in total agreement with you. I’ve only been blogging since August, but prior to that I had basically no contact with anyone on a daily basis except my husband. I knew I’d be isolated when I moved to a different part of the country two years ago, so it didn’t really bother me. But since I’ve been blogging I have this whole other, new set of friends online. And interacting with everyone daily is such a pleasure, like when you work at a job with a group of people you really like. And if I’m really busy and don’t get online for a whole day I feel guilty, as if I need to explain to my friends why I didn’t show up for work that day. Blogging and reading others blogs is a great experience, and I think a lot of non-bloggers probably don’t understand it.

  5. @Moonbeam, coffee’s good. Cream only, no sugar. Fatfree HalfNHalf, actually… and I love ‘pretend friends’! I just had that song pop into my brain ‘Just my imagination…’

    @Sixty, welcome! And thx for telling me how you found me –> way cool. I have only glanced at your site and will be back for more, promise!

    @Grace, I’m tickled you stopped by! Thx, and well said. Your blog is so classy.

    @Wendy, watch the snailmail post… Something 3-dimensional and against the postal regs on its way to you; slooowwwlly, tho. I wasn’t going to tell you! Took me 3 hours to blow that secret.

  6. Hey C!
    You tell ’em girlie! We have our own dang dimensions in this har internet thingamajig and if they don’t get it, then they are losing out.

    Listen, I hear you. Sometimes, I think I’m losing it too – spending too much time at a keyboard talking to people who could quite easily be 12 year olds with really good vocabularies, pretending to be contemporaries. BUT, like you, I’ve received cards, letters, phone calls, emails, care packages – amazing things. From people I’ve never met and yet feel so close to and truly love.

    There has to be a reason we’re all here in this place and time – I really believe that. And btw, honey, so glad we bumped into each other. 🙂


    Annie! I have never considered that any of my readers are 12 yo?! kind of makes me want to giggle. oh well. Yes, this blogventure is cool. And yea, so?! I watch Am Idol and I’m not proud of it but, I do it anyway. I’ll post on it someday and attempt to explain myself. “C”

  7. I love your enthusiasm! And I know what you mean…it’s a lot of fun and I don’t see myself easing up any time soon 😉

    Romi, thanks for the compliment on my enthusiasm! I love being enthused… You are a comedy genius – keep it up. “C”

  8. I love blogging for so many reasons. One, I get all the crud out of my own head and get to bother others with it! Well, that’s a half truth.
    I started my blog so I could kill time at work, but it’s turned into such a fun thing. I’ll be going through ‘real life’ and think, “Oh, that is SO going on the blog!!”
    I love love love the people I ‘know’ now, and it’ll be great that I have an archive of my life whenever I want to look back.
    Great post.

    Hi Talea! I agree with the idea of dumping the crazies from my head so I can get em out and look at them. You have such ATTITUDE! love it. “C”

  9. hi c-C! your post throws light at a different slant on the idea of the “strength of weak ties” – but i take issue with the distinction drawn between friends in this plane of language and ideas and friends “in real life” — what’s so “unreal” about our blog lives?

    Welcome Vermonter! I’m looking forward to visiting your fine state someday soon. Not today, of course. Summer! and… You are absolutely correct that friends are friends regardless of physical proximity. Is that at least one element of your thought?! You are right – IRL vs. reality. I remember a philosophical discussion in college: my reality is only my perception. or something like that! – “C”

  10. Blog ON! I agree! I love to blog.. it has taken awhile but I have a record of my life’s ups and downs! It is cool. Keep up the great work!

    Welcome back Hallie! Your comment though makes me wonder what form this will be in even 5 years!? 10… where will we be?

  11. This was a really nice post. Being somewhat disabled I don’t go out a lot. I have my family, thank God, but blogging has become something I look forward to everyday. I thank Wendy for that. Every morning I look forward to see what everyone is doing. I do spend a lot of time doing this but that’s all I have is time. It beats sitting in front of the TV and I love my new friends. Plus you never come to my house so I don’t have to worry about cleaning it.

    Thanks Joan. Your IRL friendship with Wendy makes this all-the-more REAL, too… Gosh, if that makes sense. Especially considering VTer’s question/challenge: of course it’s real! I really enjoy your stories. I love the delivery and your writing is so honest. If I ever came to a party at your house, I’d be looking out the windows for wild neighbors, crazed gunmen & skunks!! -“C”

  12. OMG how exciting!

    Joan- You were born for blogging and you would have found it eventually. It sure beats MySpace. 🙂

  13. I like being your blogging buddy. Thanks for your comments at times on my posts. I know what you mean about wanting to say something, but not knowing exactly what to type. MEANINGFUL post, for sure.

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