Snow, Movies, Football

January 14, 2008



Snow Today.
If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.
– Ludwig Wittgenstein


We watched the movie Waitress yesterday.  I love pie, so of course, I would love this movie.   It definitely has that indie feel to it – slow pace, camera angles and scene setup?   Still, I enjoyed it though I prefer movies that so engross me that I don’t stop and think thoughts like the one I just expressed.  

The Golden Globes announced winners yesterday and did this without the big glitz & glamour show due to respect of the writer strike.  I feel for the writers – I do!   Probably more so due to that being the career I would most want to be if I was a “Player in Hollywood.”   But, the average TV watcher – think about it!   Is hardly aware of it, imho.   If you adversely affect my daily life, THEN you get my attention.   But really, this strike is not disrupting me, not that I have a typical life, ahem, but I don’t know if anyone ‘normal’ is noticing.    I wish the strikers the best.   I hope it’s not a sad bust for them. 

I wonder what the Academy will do for the Oscars… oscarstat.jpg


Now, let’s talk ball:

Go Packers!  I’m rooting for Green Bay this coming Sunday.   What a fun weekend to watch football, this was, huh?   I may have a crush on Romo but I have little love for the Cowboys.   I went back and forth rooting for the Chargers, then the Colts, then the Chargers – and they pulled it off.    I would have cheered for the Jax Jags (why?  I like their colors…) but since they played the Patriots, I couldn’t not root for the continuance of this Perfect Season.    I’ll ALWAYS be a Chiefs fan, but when in Rome New England, root for the locals!

Ladies, there is something here for you, too:


kite31.jpg Happy Monday!  

Respectfully Submitted, Curious”C”


  1. Is THAT your back yard? How beautiful!!!!

    I feel for the writers too, but it doesn’t really seem to be effecting things. A year of reruns might do it.

    The Wittgenstein quote made me feel much better. I used to think I was goofy, but now I realize that it might be my hidden genius. 🙂

  2. HI Moonbeam! Yep that’s my back yard – selective angle, of course. I stumbled upon the quote within a book I just purchased as gift to my niece who will graduate HS. I was going to dedicate the quote to all my blogging buddies! 🙂 Your goofiness is sheer GENIUS yes!

  3. I don’t know much about proper writing or football. The only thing I know about football is if I’m tired and want to sleep all I have to do is turn on a football game and I’m asleep instantly. Yet I live with three people who love it. But I do love your backyard. It looks a lot like mine except of course I have the “vernal pool” thrown in there. There’s only a teeny bit of snow here on the Cape. It’s mostly rain.

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