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January 11, 2008

I’ve been tagged for a few memes this week and I feel like playing along.

So I will.

The first was a free association word meme from Hallie, at her blog ‘It’s All About Hallie’:   I decided to copy the words into Word and actually ‘do’ it later.  Then I just recently found the paper with my handwritten answers.   I have seen this meme before and could never think of anything because I was influenced by the memer’s answers.   Whatever.

1.   Mist : : Arbor
2.  Eating : : Out
3.  Beacon : : Light
4.  Speaker : : Of the House
5.  Episodes : : TV Shows
6.  Conference : :  Call
7.  Sneak attack : : that Wendy’s commercial, which is actually Stack Attack
8.  Medic : : M.A.S.H.
9.  Web : : Design
10.  2008 : : Gonna be GREAT!

** – ** – ** – ** – ** – **

and the second was a much longer meme about names and combinations of words to create fictional names.    MoonbeamMcQueen specifically called me out on this.

1. My rock star name (first pet and current car) Lou Maxima

2. My gangsta name (ice cream flavour and cookie or biscuit) Vanilla Nilla Wafe(r)

3. My fly girl name (first letter of first name, first three letters of last name)  Ijum

4. My detective name (favourite colour, favourite animal) Aubergine Lobster

5. My soap opera name (middle name, city of birth) Gail Lincoln

6. My Star Wars name (first three letters of your last name, first two of your first name)

7. My superhero name (second favourite colour, favourite drink, add “the”)                            The Violet (Dr.) Pepper

8. My Nascar name (first two names of my two grandfathers) Burt Friend

9. My stripper name (favourite perfume, favourite sweet) Velocity Choc

10. My witness protection name (mother’s and father’s middle names)  Ruth Scott

11. My weather anchor name (fifth grade teacher’s name, a major city beginning with the same letter)   Newman Newberry

12. My spy name (favourite season/flower)
Spring Zinnia

13. Cartoon name (favourite fruit plus garment you’re wearing, with an “ie” or “y” added)  Cranberry Jersey

14 Hippie name (what you ate for breakfast plus favourite tree)     French Toast Oak

15. Your rockstar tour name (favourite hobby plus weather element, with “the”)      The Mosiac Tsunami

16: Blues singer name (a disability, a fruit or vegetable, and a president)   Stutter Zuc Taft



  1. By far, your names have turned out the coolest. “The Aubergine Lobster” is inspired!
    You could use that rock star name without getting laughed offstage, and even your Nascar name sounds plausible. Wow. And we have the same middle name!

  2. I thought purple was being overused elsewhere… so many great words for purple! and I actually borrowed my hub’s grandfathers names cuz they are much cooler than my side of the fam.

    Thanks Moonbeam! and I thought I was uninspired today…

  3. Wow, is your grandfather’s first name really friend? That’s a great name.

    @ MBMQ – No. No. Curious C’s names were very-very good, I agree. But I get the award for this because all my names were eerily apt. I’d readily use them at any given moment. 🙂

  4. @Wendy, yes, it’s actually my hub’s grandpa’s name. How could you not want to know an old farmer dude from Iowa named ‘Friend’? and his dad’s name was ‘Royal’ – another cool one.

  5. I love those names. I’d definitely want to know them both. “I’m having trouble with my crops this year, I’m gonna ask Friend to drop by for a spell and take a look at ’em.”

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