Ear Stuck

January 11, 2008

Maybe you’ve seen the commercial, I think it’s a car commercial but I’m not sure.   It’s the one that is filmed on a dark stretch of highway and the voiceover complains about a throw-away society.

Don’t like your spouse?  Get a new one.

and various other examples of a lack of commitment.


So…  this commercial is playing and my husband says something that sounds to me like:

(my) EAR’s STUCK.


What?  Your EAR is stuck?!

No.   I said, “You.   Are.   Stuck.”

Oooh NO, Buddy!  You’re the one that’s stuck.  I’m not going anywhere.   I’ve got too sweet a deal here, buddy-boy.

Got that right.


One comment

  1. Hilarious!

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