PR Episode Seven

January 10, 2008

This is dejavu…  I think I dreamt about chatting this up with a few of you!   I know I was talking on the phone with Moonbeam’s avatar (Theda?!), anyway…   And I believe we were in agreement that RICKY SHOULD HAVE BEEN AUF’d!  oh well.

Go here to cast your vote:   Blogging Project Runway.

My opinion is that Sweet P got herself back to solid ground after a few weeks of dancing on the frozen pond of possible tragedy.    She should have won.

It’s common knowledge if you’ve been reading this blog, that I’m from the EARLY 80’s fashion frame.   (No, Madonna’s influence was later 80s,  I’m from the Alex Keaton preppy time when we did NOT show cleavage in high school!!!  In fact, we wore big crazy cut up sweatshirts so you could barely notice we had boobs at all.    Or at least, the good/nerdy types like me.)

And I think prom dresses should be floor length.    I loved the color of the champagne, too.   

Ricky’s dress was too short, too pale, too unflattering.   It looked poorly constructed.  

I will miss Kevin.

That’s all I gotta say – I’m late, I’m late, for a very important appointment. 


One comment

  1. I love your dream! We really could have been having that conversation! I’m so sad that Kevin’s gone, and I think Victorya’s dress was stupid– definitely not a prom dress.

    Love your description of 80’s clothing, and those Flashdance fashion sweatshirts– oh yeah!

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