Yea! We’re Back!

January 9, 2008

I have taken enough time off from my favorite Project Runway.    Bravo did it to me – they inflicted a 2 week hiatus and then I got all messed up attempting to DVR and… well,  anyway.   Runway is back, my fave producer Rucker is visible on the Bravo website (but still not quite accessible) and I am back here to review and prepare.

First, thank you thank you THANK YOU to the awesome fashionTVreporters at the blog of ALL THINGS Project Runway.   They do an excellent job at keeping me in the loop.    In fact, while I’m thinking it, I really don’t need to do anything more than point you to directly to them.   I have little to add.   Only my opinions and quick recap.   They do a phenomenal job and gathering EVERYTHING you’d ever want to read about the show.

I give them the credit for this photo I swiped off their blog:  pollresultsepisode6.jpg

The winner of last week’s Hershey Challenge was Rami.    Slick, well constructed, it presented fresh and lively!    Elisa was the one to leave with a ‘hot mess’ of velvet brown but Sweet P (it’s her creation here to the right of the winning design) is on extremely thin ice.   I like Sweet P but she has been hanging on the loser side of this show for awhile now.     And just because I like her does not mean I disagree with people who say she is doubtful for the top tier at the end.

Jillian hung red licorice Twizzlers from her dress like fringe and I liked it.   I also liked that she commented that her design ‘smelled good’!   Yum!   Christian is getting tedious to me, Kevin is real world and presented strong, Victorya is exasperating.    With fewer designers, we get to see more creative process, more detail, AND we get to endure more personality and resulting clashes between the contestants.

The next show is tonight and they have teased us with a guest judge/muse being someone young and DEMANDING?   The forum is abuzz that the design challenge might be a PROM dress or something else cute for an even younger age starlet.     Oh god, kiddie pageantry?     10 pm EST on Bravo.   Be there.



  1. Thanks for the update, C! I love this show, but I always seem to miss it. I’m jumping over to the website to get more scoop.

  2. I’m so glad you posted this because the hiatus messed me up, also. I’ve got it on right now, just turned it on and it’s the perfect background while I blog cruise. Thank you1

  3. Comcast preview tells me it is designing prom dresses for a gaggle of teens. I didn’t know teens came in gaggles. LOL I love Project Runway.

  4. Little Miss, you’re correct, a group of teen girls is not a gaggle, it’s a “giggle.” tee-hee

    Sorry. It’s very late here.

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