Love & Madness, Part 1

January 9, 2008

I saw this quote by Blaise Pascal:

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of.

and it reminded me of another, which I have no idea who it may be attributed to:

There is a pleasure in madness, which none but madmen know.



And, gotta love the search engines, I find that it is unknown or debated who originally coined this phrase and some kind soul has published on the internet for you to read the findings here.   [Conclusion is John Dryden…]

Obviously, I just start typing and see where it leads.   And usually, I just look down a path that presents itself and decide, ‘nah, maybe later.’


But perhaps, you wonder what sparked this particular journey, on this fine unseasonably warm Wednesday?   I dunno.         I think I stumbled upon the second quote in my high school journals and dreamily pondered it subconsciously that I woke up this morning with it in the forefront of my thoughts.    [Ed note:   photo taken in September 07…      I find myself drawn to the head of this path in the woods but have never ventured forth…   I’m miffed at myself for not taking a snow pic of this in December.   I have it on my to do list someday…]

And wanting to counter it with a happier quote, I looked up ‘quotes on love’.    OF COURSE, the love quote that paralleled the madnesss quote would be the one that jumped at me.

Next thing I know, my fingers are typing all over the keyboard and spouting out this crap you see now. I must trust my instincts and leave it alone.

Hit Publish Baby and get on with the day…

Kind Regards, Curious “C”  kite31.jpg


  1. I love the quotes (especially the second one), and the picture is beautiful. It made me miss my warmer weather walks.

  2. I’m a self-declared madmen. No one takes it seriously though. 🙂

  3. Fantastic quotations, fantastic picture, and fantastic closing.

    “Hit publish, baby, and get on with the day.”

    I SO know that feeling.

  4. okay, so I read this quote a couple weeks ago, and it’s now one of my favourites:

    “Love is a serious mental disease”–Plato

    ohhh, don’t I know it 😉

    PS: aww you said “kind regards!”, I think you pull it off much better than I 😉

  5. Hello “C-C”

    I liked your site.

    This photo is magical..I hope you will walk it someday…if it is a safe place. You know from visiting my site that I love such places.

    peace & light,


  6. […] 15, 2008 Posted by CuriousC under Life | Tags: Seasons, Snow |   Remember this post?   the one that featured the September view of a path in the […]

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