Things That Make Me Go ‘huh.’

January 7, 2008

Actually, lots of laughter this morning reading so many other great bloggers out today in Internetland…    

Then, just now, I’m looking at the searches that others have used to get here:

“what groceries carry brand ranch style beans”

WOW!    Let’s see:  HyVee, HenHouse, Dillons (grocery stores I remember from the midwest…)  too funny… 

oh, and I keep seeing the usual searches for enV phone and weird pie…    If you are someone who is reading this right now from conducting an interesting search, pls let me know in comments.   And if you’re not familiar with wordpress, you can scroll on the right sidebar and find a search box to find a specific post I have written on your desired topic.   Good luck.  

 Things that make me go ‘ugh.’   I have a dentist appt today…

  100_5099.jpg <—-  This is me.

– Curious “C”  kite3.jpg



  1. That picture is fantastic, but what it that growing in the middle of your face? The background of the photo is very cool.

    Good luck at the dentist!

  2. I don’t go to the dentist. That was one of my New Year’s resolutions many years ago. Not a good resolution because I had to have a tooth pulled a few weeks ago. I don’t know what dental phobia is actually called but I have it.
    I actually just wrote a whole blog about vernal pools because I do have stories about mine.

  3. I’ll definitely visit this blog the next time I want to buy some groceries. 🙂

  4. @MBMQ, I’m glad you like the photo of my in my bathroom. The background is my showercurtain.

    @Joan, I survived the dentist – had a small cavity filled. Probably also to fill the dentist’s bank account… I LOVE the vernal pool post! and about pinkletinks! My new favorite word, I think.

    @undercanopy, I am glad to be of service.

  5. I’m glad you survived the dentist. When I had my tooth pulled I wanted my daughter to come with me to hold my hand but she wouldn’t. She said I had to be brave and face this head on and I did. It actually didn’t even hurt, while he was doing it or after. So why am I so afraid of the dentist? I’ve known him for 25 years. He’s really nice. His son and my son are friends.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the pinkletinks. In New Brunswick they call them Tinkletoes. I like pinkletinks better.

    Joan! I’m still laughing at the pinkletink word! Sounds to me like someone had too much TicklePink to drink! hee hee

  6. Read this post. Then read the previous post. Still have no idea what a “ranch style bean” is. Didn’t know such a product existed.

  7. Dear Elizabeth, it’s just a brand of bean; spicy ‘southwestern’ flavor beans and the brand name describes itself. I guess!

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