Refrigerator Meme

January 4, 2008

I think I’ve caught a cold.   My head is fogged.   I’m not thinking up anything clever whatsoever…

Life with Buck tagged me for this meme:   Show a photo of the contents of my refrigerator.  Which I keep spelling refridgerator…   So I’ll go with the easy ‘fridge’. 

Here’s our main fridge:   

100_5088.jpg Full of green things in the crisper and lettuce in my cool Tupperware salad keeper.   All the typical condiments and salad dressings.   I’m from the Midwest, so I gotta have Velveeta.    You never know when the urge will strike to whip up a casserole.   

I remember the first time I went grocery shopping here and had to ask WHERE’s the VELVEETA?!   They only had six of the full size bricks, SIX!!!    and they were high on the shelf.    I was convinced we’d moved to a foreign country.   

Just starring at this photo makes me want to get up and make sure I shut the door…

When I come back to Mass after visiting my homeland of Kansas, I have to smuggle in the ingredients to one of my favorite dishes:   what I call Mexican Lasagne.    It requires Ranch Style Beans ranch_style.jpg and I’ve only seen them once at the Ocean State Job Lot.    It also calls for a LOT of Velveeta.

The pot has leftover chili we made with the leftover goose.   Quite tasty.   I usually don’t throw the pots like that back in the fridge;   I’ve got plenty of Tupperware since one of my best friends is a representative

Downstairs, in our ‘rec room’, we have the Beer Fridge:   Rather empty right now…


100_5091.jpg  <—-  Beer.

Well, I said more than I thought I would when I started this…   Everyone have a Happy Friday!  I’m going to go take a nap…



  1. Oh, god the Velveeta! I’m Canadian, you see, and I don’t think we even have the stuff.

  2. By the way, thanks for the tip on getting my website to link up!

  3. Hope you feel better. I think you get the award for best photographed fridge. Nice angle.

  4. I like your photos C! I’m so happy to see real butter in everyone’s fridge! And lots of ingredients that you’d need to cook some yummy dinners!

    Thanks for writing what was in the pot. Goose chili! I bet that WAS great! I think I would like to see a recipe (rough recipe would be fine) for the Mexican Lasagna if not too much trouble.

    My final question is this. Are those carrots in the rec room fridge to the left of the Diet Coke? What the heck are they doing there?

  5. And oh yeah, my daughter has sold some Tupperware to us, but putting the pot back in the fridge is the right thing to do. It’s EFFICIENT!

  6. Mexican lasagne sounds delicious.

    We also have lots of tupperware at home, my mom loves collecting them 🙂

  7. Unfortunately, Velveeta is not weight watcher approved, otherwise it would be in my fridge. But your fridge reminds me a lot of mine with all the condiments. I’m sort of a condiment fanatic. I even got condiments for Christmas. Three fat free marinades from my daughter that look very tasty, and a really good balsamic vinegar from my sister. I put it on green beans with a dash of olive oil, cracked pepper and pretend parmesan cheese. It’s really good.

    The men in the house both have colds. So far we women haven’t gotten them yet. Maybe all my immune boosters and antibacterial stuff is helping. Every time my wasband finishes on the computer I wipe it down with antibacterial wipes. Am I paranoid or what? I just don’t want to get pneumonia again.

    Mexican lasagna sounds good. Is there a low fat version?

  8. I was finally able to write something today..I have been nursing a cold all week so I really feel for you.
    Take good care of yourself.
    Sending you healing energies and light.

  9. Nice fridge looks a little like my own. All the bottles of Asian cooking and stirfry sauce in the door caught my eye – the back of one on hte top door rack looks to be “House of Tsang” brand because we just used that last night. Love Thai, Chinese, and Japanese…anything Asian.

  10. Also, thought it was funny that the “Beer Fridge” only has three small cans of actual beer, tucked away in a drawer. I’m with David though…what’s with the CARROTS in the “Beer Fridge”?? ;o)

  11. What a neat meme. I like the photos!

  12. Wow – go away for a day or two and look at all the love! Thank you all, dear readers. Thanks for the questions and concerns and compliments. 🙂

    @GreenMetropolis – you are welcome. Feel free to send others to my In Service post when you see the same elsewhere: https://ideajump.wordpress.com/2007/12/03/in-service/

    @Beth, Thanks for the Best-Photo-Angle-Of-A-Fridge Award. I do like to win things.

    @David, I will post my recipe for MexLasagna soon. Re the butter, I LOVE butter and can’t stand margerine. And yes, you did indeed see carrots in the beer fridge. I needed to stop eating Xmas cookies while watching the telly, so I was munching carrots. If you enjoy watching people eat carrots, may I recommend the movie Shoot Em Up starring Clive Owen?

    @eyna, do you need my post on In-Service, too? Please leave a note where your blog is, I would like to visit (again!?)

    @joan, lowfat Mex Lasagne? After I post the recipe, you tell me. But I seriously doubt it. But then, again, in the Midwest, we used to be able to buy lowfat Velveeta (which usually means more sugar so WRONG)

    @Bop, do not worry, the beer fridge was just fed a fresh 30 pack of CoorsLight. and a 6 pack of Warsteiner, I think. Football ON, y’know?

    @fightingwindmills! It really WAS a fun meme! Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Sorry I didn’t get here sooner. Okay, I keep saying how I want to design widgets to give everyone who participated in this. Your widget would be very beautiful and you would get a star for condiments and a second star for artistic interpretation. These photos really were great, and you have awesome ingredients. You’d also get an extra point for the Diet Coke with lime, which I happen to love and cannot find here in Texas.
    The problems you have with finding familiar favorites at the supermarket are the same problems I have here in El Paso. They don’t sell Fluff here, which I needed to make fudge. They don’t even know what I’m talking about when I ask for it. And they don’t have LINGUICA, which I like to have on the side with eggs. My son had to smuggle us a bunch of it on the plane.
    Thanks for doing this

  14. HI Wendy – I admit, I was wondering where you had disappeared to and thought perhaps you had some copyeditin’ to do.

    I hear you on the food by locale conundrum. And yet, as a newby or even a tourist, THESE are precisely the things you never know until it’s too late. Fluff! I had a hard time finding almond bark (white melty chocolate like stuff) – ah, the strange looks I would get. Finally found some in a candy store but it still wasn’t the right stuff.

    There’s another post brewing here I think…

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