Scary? Phonecall

January 3, 2008

At 3:14 pm, Wednesday afternoon, my cellphone rang.

Not the usual ring; this ring was unusual.   Intrigued by the different sound calling out to me, I scrambled for my phone from it’s pink leopard pocket inside my handbag.    The display informed me that it was a RESTRICTED number (thus the unusual ring…)  

I answered with a little more question lift to my voice than the typical ‘Hello?’.    This  may have conveyed a tiny sense of trepidation to my query. 

Quickly, a female voice commanded to know, “Who is this.”   It was NOT a question.

Taken aback, I replied the same in question, “Who is THIS?”

HER:  “I want to know who this is!”

ME:  “Um, YOU called me.  Who were you thinking you called?  Maybe you have a wrong number?”

HER:  “I found this number and I want to know    who    this    is.”

ME:  “Ubbadubba, uh, UM, eh.….”    

I hung up.   Obviously, I’m not too quick with confrontational situations.

My cellphone called back and instead, my reaction this time, was to turn up my Sirius really loud (Puretone’s Addicted to Bass on BBC Radio Channel 11) and I let the call go to voicemail.     

My nice friendly voicemail message told her who I am by name and who I work for (oops!   gotta change THAT!) and I hope she was just confused and beginning to agree with me that she must have dialed incorrectly.

Heaven help me if:

#1)  I had actually responded with the storyline I thought up while Puretone sang of the song of addiction, or

#2)  She wrote my name down and is coming after me for whatever it is she thinks I’ve done or am doing.   Which, my imagination tells me plays right along with storyline #1.

“Who is this.”

“Oh, Honey!  Is this YOU?   Why, Dearie, I’m the lady that is sleeping with your husband.   He may have a little dick but he sure likes to spend his BIG money on me!   You should see the pearl-necklace he got me for Christmas!   MMm, MMmm, M!”

Thank GOD, I can’t think that fast nor have the personality to actually DO anything like that.  

But then again, sin says thinkin’ it is the same as doin’ it.   I’m DOOMED!

Later, in relaying my day’s happenings with D, he wanted to know who I’ve called on my cellphone.     Get this, in the last WEEK, I called:

My parents
The United Way
My neighbor
My voicemail box at work
D at work
My friend H (elementary school teacher)
My friend J (in KC)

I think the lovely lady dialed wrong and has me confused with someone else….   Should I be scared?



  1. She was obviously mistaken, and may still not realize it. She’s probably accusing her partner of something right now. It must be awful to go through life so mistrustful and focused on what someone else is doing. Forget this superlame loser and don’t answer the phone if she ever calls again. 🙂

  2. I decided to leave you “a little note.”
    I like your site…you made me laugh.
    I don’t feel a bad energy about your call. I imagine she is totally embarrassed by now. Just in case though…be aware of head lights following you in the night or approaching strangers. 🙂
    Keep blogging and journaling!

  3. Whew– creepy! Maybe when she heard where you work, she assumed that her no-good, cheating, lying, teeny-dicked partner was making a business call (or had a wrong number).

    But never underestimate the power of a jealous psychopath.

  4. All I can say is … Ewww. Imagine the level of paranoia that poor woman lives with. She found a phone number and assumed he was cheating. Perhaps he always cheats, but I can’t imagine living the way that woman lives.

    I’m glad I have a blind trust for most people. My phone calls to others are pretty innocuous.

  5. My girlfriend got a series of them that were increasingly nasty. Seems the woman thought Terry was messing with her man. Terry was nice as first and then got upset. We found her address so the next time she called with asked if she’d like us to meet her at said address and the calls stopped.

  6. That should have read ‘. . .we asked. . .’ Proofread? You’d have to actually read to proof. Who has the time to do that?

  7. Y’all got my back! So… Now, I change my voicemail to show my unemployedness, stop answering my phone if it shows RESTRICTED cuz that equals psychopath, and keep listening to Puretone. I hadn’t heard of them before, and yes, I’m lovin’ the beat!

  8. Oh MAN! Sounds like she had a touch of the crazies! I called my aunt in ohio and she was not home and i did nto leave a message. But a day later she was calling asking who i was…she thought my uncle was having an affair….he was but NOT WITH ME!!hehehe. we had a good laugh over it!

  9. Very scary. But then again, I tried the same thing when someone began leaving CDs burned with love songs in my labcoat at the factory I used to work at. One of them came with a number, but the person who picked up sounded foreign and not at all like, well, Nikki Sixx…so I tried the “who is this?” approach, and…it failed.

    Also, I found my “not quite boyfriend, it’s complicated” person’s ‘ex-wife’ on facebook. Yeah. She goes ON and ON about her husband. So THAT ended, but I was very tempted to send her a message with ‘Hi! I’m the girl your ‘husband’ has been seeing for the past five years. Nice to make your acquaintance.’ THAT would have been delicious.

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