Goals Just for TODAY

January 2, 2008

SO, let’s celebrate a new year.   This is the day that we can brag that already this year, I’ve walked 2 miles EVERY SINGLE DAY this year!  Haven’t missed a day, yet.  AND… not only that, but I haven’t missed a day yet in taking my multivits.   Very good, very good.

I’m excited to say that I expect this will hold true tomorrow, too.

What I would love to say, speaking of health-goals, is that I could/would/should run a marathon.   Aint gonna happen.   I follow a blogger who can proudly say she’s run a marathon.  And her story says the ol’ “IF I can DO IT, so can you!”   I read her story, but I don’t believe I can do it, no matter what she says.   I won’t set myself up for that, because I really don’t want to run 26 miles in one attempt.   Main reason is, I hate the cold.   I cannot stand being outside exerting, sweating, yuck, in the cold air.  It’s just not going to happen.   so, my training schedule is kaput, right there.    

And, that’s OK.   I am happy with a goal of walking at least 2 miles every day, on my inside, room-temperature treadmill.     Goals are supposed to be a stretch and yet possible.   This is possible.    What’s also very possible is the skipping of one day.   That turns into 5 weeks.    So, it’s not a distance thing, it’s an EVERY DAY thing.

I hear all of you who don’t do the resolution process, but I personally love it.   I love January.    For all of these reasons: the promise, the hope, of NEWNESS!   And, I actually can work myself up into setting this feeling of hope and promise and newness (do I repeat myself?) on a new MONTH and often, on a new DAY.   

Since, this rambleness is getting excessive, I will end with a quote from a movie.   From an overlooked movie starring Julianne Moore, The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio.    I LOVED the can do, overcoming, positive thinking mindset and what it can bring, LOA idea of this movie.  Actually, forgive the resigned sense of fatigue that this expresses, it really does have a positiveness to it; start fresh again tomorrow – when this day fails to bring you what you needed…

I’m tired of this day, I’d like a new one.

I’m off now to get on that treadmill, read my book, slam down those vits, and get on with this beautiful day and if I need this quote later, that’s all good, too.  SMILES!!   🙂  🙂



  1. This is the first year that I have an actual goal that I think I will succeed at. I want to lose 100 pounds. I’ve already lost about 50. It’s taken me seven months but I’ve learned my mistakes so I think I can average 2 pounds a week. I have only missed two weight watcher meetings in all that time.

    You are the only other person I have ever met (well, not that we’ve actually met, but you know what I mean) that love’s January as much as I do. We live in a summer tourist beach community so summer is hell here. Traffic, crappy drivers, chaos, I really hate the heat and humidity too.

    January, to me, is a peaceful, calm, the fireplace is always going, reading, cups of herbal tea, type of month. I love a good snowstorm (I don’t have to drive in it or shovel it).

    Congrats on the two miles everyday. That’s awesome and inspiring. I’ve never been one to stick with stuff but there’s always a first time. I was heading towards being one of those people that has to have their walls cut out to get them out of the house. Now I am under 300 pounds and proud of it.

  2. Good for you Joanharvest! Another goal of mine is to visit Provincetown… Haven’t yet been that far UP Cape… That’s right, isn’t it? I confuse the lower and upper cape thing – proves I’m not a native…

  3. Provincetown is the lower cape. I live on the upper cape closer to the bridge. It doesn’t make sense to me. I finally got it straight after I lived here for about 20 years. I’ve been here 34 years now. Provincetown is a fun place to visit. All the different types of people and great stores.

  4. Your resolve in staying with the walking and the vitamins all year so far is amazing! I really do love how excited you are about the chance to start anew and to “stretch.”

    And I love the word “rambleness.”

  5. Thanks Joan for clearing up the uppers and lowers (and I hope your butt is better, too.) I need to go read abt the skunks… I got interrupted. How much snow are you getting? (isn’t that typical, always getting the weather conversation in – for my family, anyway…)

    Thanks MBMQ! and I love your fanatastic words, too! Fanatabulousness!

  6. hmmm am i the marathon runner?! well, the two miles in exactly where I started in december of last year and look how far I came, this is why I know you can do it! Take it at your own pace, soon you will love the running out in the freezing cold! or on treadmill, it will get addicting. Also, you are on the right track. The one thing I always tell myself is “I will regret NOT running. I NEVER regret running.” 2 miles is perfect 🙂

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